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Rem’s buck goes solo

Buck provided guitar for the Georgian garage rock band for over 30 years before they broke up last year.

But luckily for most fans, the legendary guitarist’s creative tendencies have not declined. An injury gave Buck time to work on new solo material.

"When REM called it a day," he said, "I'd spent the last three months on my back with a semi-crippling injury unable to play guitar," Buck recalled. "With my band gone and unable to use the fingers on my right hand, I started writing lyrics just to have something creative to do."

“10,000 Million BC” is the lead single from the upcoming release. It reflects Buck’s minimalist approach to songwriting, and has a certain Tom Waits quality to it.

The new album is still untitled, but will be available by the end of the week – to a limited amount of listeners. The record will be released on vinyl only, and just 2000 copies will be printed. Buck hasn't dismissed the idea of a wider release in the future though.

This is not Peter Buck’s first move away from REM material. Most recently in 2009, he wrote material with music supergroup Tired Pony which included Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody.

Guest appearances on the new record include Patti Smith's wingman Lenny Kaye, and former bandmate Mike Mills on backing vocals.