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Ones to watch: bagels

Comprising of Adam Redmond (guitar and vocals), Ciarán Byrne (guitar and vocals), Jack Rudden (bass and vocals), Jamie Kealy (drums) and Daniel MacIntyre (who does a little bit of everything) is the band Bagels, who are playing at Knockanstockan once again this year.
Although they’ve been together for five years now, all the boys are only seventeen years old, bar one. They started off with the more obvious Nirvana covers, and slowly but surely developed their own sound. 
Vocalist Adam says that he was the driving force behind the band, and the lads decided to tag along once they realised they could play instruments. 
They didn’t always sound as good as they did today though, and Adam says that, “We were barely able to play our instruments, let alone make it into some kind of decent, collective sound. We were all twelve or thirteen in fairness.”
The boys who are just starting sixth year (except for Daniel, who’s already in college) currently have to juggle late nights with 8am starts of double Physics, but Adam says it’s not all that difficult:
“I mean it’s not that much craic bringing all your gear into school and throwing it on the LUAS straight after because you’ve got a train to Wexford to catch, but I mean it’s grand otherwise.” 
He adds that the teachers aren’t exactly fond of their alternative career choices, but they wouldn’t exactly like to have their teachers’ jobs either, so it balances out really. 
Described on Knockanstockan’s website as “A careful blend of ‘kick you in the ballsack’ kind of post/math rock and ‘give you a lovely kiss on the cheek to say hello’ kind of indie music”, Bagels’ live sets are nothing short of energetic. 
Adam says he’s influenced by bands such as Two Door Cinema Club, Enemies and Foals, and says it’s because of “the sense of originality, something you haven’t quite heard before”. That’s what Bagels strive and aspire to create together as a band.
Far from newbies on the festival scene, Bagels played at Knockanstockan last year and said it was their best gig yet. They said it was a real breakthrough moment for them, where they thought, “Jesus Christ, this many people would stand and listen to us be idiots for 40 minutes?” The lads felt that they’d really upped their game after that set.
And as for Knockanstockan this year, Bagels have a few tricks up their sleeve. “We’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned that we’ve never done before both musically and production wise, so it should be a pretty deadly one,” Adam explained. 
They also have four new songs fully recorded and countless more in the works, and you can hear them all if you’re tagging along to Knockanstockan this Friday. 
In terms of goals, the obvious thing to say is selling out Wembley Stadium. And while that’s what Bagels would like, Adam said they’d really just love to be making enough money to keep them going, while having the time of their lives gigging here, there and everywhere: 
“We all aspire to do that and basically want nothing else. Whatever about size or specific venues, just getting along would be deadly, a few avid listeners are always welcome too.”
And to end this article, a few fun facts about the boys behind Bagels! Adam has a fear of cotton wool, completely freaking out when he touches it, shivers and shrieks and the lot. 
Ciarán makes a mean apple crumble, and Jamie’s phone repeatedly takes pictures of him as he tries to enter various apps on said device. Jack listens to some dodgy tunes that even your dad would question, and Daniel has a gigantic afro.
With all that said, Bagels will be playing in the Circus Tent at Knockanstockan this Friday, from 8pm to 9pm. 
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