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Must-see summer movies

The exams are almost over. It’s nearly time to relax and take a break from the studying. There’s no guarantee that the summer will be a scorcher but the movie release calendar for the next few months is packed. There are new instalments in several franchises including Transformers, Planet of the Apes, Despicable Me, Cars and Spiderman. Even emojis are getting their own movie.
But which ones deserve the trip to the cinema? Here’s a few upcoming films that might be worth your time.
Wonderwoman (due 2 June)
Gal Gadot’s turn as Wonderwoman was the best part of last year’s Batman v Superman. While the character’s standalone film arrives just before the Leaving Cert exams start, it’s one that’s getting a lot of attention. Expectations are high for several reasons including its status as a female led superhero film with a female director. Set during World War One, a lot depends on this film being a critical and commercial smash.
Cardboard Gangsters (16 June)
This coming of age story is about a group of young people who try to take over the drug trade in Darndale. It’s an Irish production directed by Mark O’Connor with John Connors amongst the cast.
The Beguiled (16 June)
Set during the American Civil War, a girls’ school in Virginia is taken over by unexpected rivalries after they take in a wounded Union soldier. Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning star in Sofia Coppola’s first film since 2013’s The Bling Ring.
The Big Sick (7 July)
July features new offerings from several of the big franchises, but it’s not all blockbusters. Based on true events, a young couple have to overcome cultural differences, family tensions and illness to make their relationship work. This doesn’t look like a typical rom-com. The film opened well in the US and has the potential to be the word of mouth hit of the summer.
Dunkirk (21 July)
With a cast including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance, director Christopher Nolan brings his take on the Allied evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk to the screen. For One Direction fans, Harry Styles also makes an appearance.
Atomic Blonde (11 August)
A MI6 agent is sent to Cold War Berlin to investigate the death of a colleague. Based on the graphic novel The Coldest City, this is an action film from the team behind the ultra-violent John Wick. Expect a blend of impressively choreographed fight sequences with moments of bleak humour. From the look of the trailers, it appears like they’ve gotten the 80s vibe right. One of the most reliable action stars of the moment, Charlize Theron leads the cast with support from James McAvoy and Toby Jones.
The Dark Tower (18 August)
This one is difficult to call. A mysterious gunslinger does battle with the man in black with the fate of worlds hanging in the balance. It’s based on the epic novels by Stephen King and stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. However, the film was struck in development for years and with its original release date was delayed. If it works, it sets up a narrative universe that will cross between film and TV.