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Magic mike – film review


Magic Mike seems one of those films that could be the biggest movie flop of the year, but the naked men would definitely make up for it. So, it was quite surprising that in addition to the naked men, Magic Mike was actually one of the best movies to be seen this year.

The film starts slow with not much direction, it was the same ritual one would take when getting up in the morning with two naked women in the bed. At this point of the movie, it’s advisable to head to the bathroom now or do whatever it is you got to do because after the first few scenes…you’re not going to want to move for anything.

Channing Tatum stars as the lead man and in yet another movie, he doesn’t disappoint. It’s strangely easy to empathise with Mike, the stripper/entrepreneur as he works his firm ass off to build up to fulfil his real dreams of owning his own business. Tatum represents the real people who have to do stuff they’re not proud of to get where they want in life. Of course, watching Tatum doing the strip tease can sometimes quash any pity you feel for him as ladies, you will find yourself thinking dirty thoughts and wanting to jump the next red-blooded male you see.

Alex Pettyfer starts as the initially lovable and somewhat awkward Adam. A college drop out who is staying on his sister’s couch looking for a job. When he meets Tatum at a job he gets fired from on the same day, it’s the start of a new way of life for the nineteen year old as he gets to grip with the nitty-gritty male strip scene in Tampa, Florida. As the movie progresses, Pettyfer displays his own sexuality that could rival Tatum in a big way.

However, as Pettyfer’s character Adam delves deeper and deeper into the world of a male stripper, there is an obvious change in his character. No longer is he the awkward teenager, he becomes a man…and a sex god at that.

The plot of Magic Mike is simple and doesn’t carry a lot of weight in terms of an ending that sees everyone jetting off into the sunset as is per usual with films such as this. Instead, Magic Mike presents a realistic view on men becoming pieces of meat for women to drunkenly leer at to raise a few quid. It’s a definite first as films that usually involve strippers present young women trying to raise enough money to support their kids or drug habit. It presents a morbid outlook and shows how the stripper marries the rich dude and quits stripping for a lifetime of happiness…not realistic!

Magic Mike remains light hearted throughout with just a couple of dark moments for Mike as he struggles to deal with the prospect of never leaving the stripping scene. It really is a fantastic movie that may be largely due to the naked bodies, but otherwise simply because it’s a warm, fuzzy film that just leaves you feeling good and in a better mood than you were going in to the cinema.

Rating: 8/10 -2 for not getting to see even more of the hot boys.