Nights In

Lehane trilogy @ fringe – peek review

She is made up like a clown complete with aran cardigan and kilt. 

The hour- long, one- woman performance explores the themes of mental illness, isolation, loneliness and ultimate desolation. She begins the show sharing childlike, innocent anecdotes.

She violently oscillates between that handstanding,cartwheeling state, via vehement moodswings, to one of mental destitution and self-hate .

These consist of powerful self- abhoring soliloquies,which would shame Hamlet himself.These are complete with axe-swinging threats to kill her pet cat, her only companion in the world,because.of course, she hates felines.It exposes the fragility of the human condition and how bleak and dismal thoughts can completely alter mood and the perception a person has of reality and that of one's surroundings.

It is heavily melancholic and mildly disturbing. Not for the faint-hearted.


Photo by Ste Murray (