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Kodaline – “high hopes” album review

So now with the release of their highly anticipated ‘High Hopes’ EP, they have created what seems to be an absolute gem. 

This four track short player starts with the title track “High Hopes’, which is a beautifully crafted sad song that has anthemic qualities to it.  The track gradually builds to a loud and emotionally charged finished, much like their previous hit ‘All I Want’.  It is hard to think after this track, if there is any song that frontman Steve Garrigan could sing without making the listener shed a tear.  The accompanying video for ‘High Hopes’, which stars Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham, is also a nice representation of the song.

Second track on the record is the reflective and acoustic ‘The Answer’.  “i’m just talking through a speaker, because that’s all that I have ever learned to do” sings Garrigan, accompanied by distant echoes of guitarist Mark Prendergast’s guitar.  The meaning is quite deep in this track, and Kodaline convey it aptly.

An acoustic cover of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘All My Friends’ is genius rework with subtle guitar and tight harmonies.  Some might argue that it is better then the original (Sorry LCD, your original version is still a must have).  The EP finishes with a remix of previous hit ‘All I Want’ by Everything Everything, who themselves are gathering momentum.  The remix is probably the weak track on the EP, but it was always going to struggle against three well arranged songs.

The band have a great harmony in their songs, and maybe it is because Garrigan, Prendergast, Boland and May are all close friends from previous musical ventures. 

For a band who only have two EP’s to their name so far, with their debut album ‘A Perfect World’ expected in early June of this year.  It is easy to see Kodaline collecting a few accolades and big festival slots over the summer.

Kodaline’s new EP ‘High Hopes’ is out now!

Tickets for their show in The Olympia Theatre, Dublin on November 22nd 2013 are on sale  this Wednesday 27th March

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