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Introducing: johnson orchid

Hailing from London, 22-year-old Johnson Orchid is a versatile contender on the new music scene.

His creative influences include a wide spectrum of keys figures from the worlds of music, art and dance including Prince, The Beatles, James Brown, Van Gogh, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, all yielding a very interesting creative concoction.

His debut single ‘I’ll Be There’ is out now and Miriam Doona chatted to Johnson about his plans for the future and his creative journey to date.

Miriam Doona: I read that you are on a mission to bring substance back to pop music. Can you elaborate of that mission?

Johnson Orchid: Basically, my musical background is down to my mum and dad. I was brought up to listen to music. I listen to all music, from James Brown to The Beatles to the more contemporary stuff that is around today….and between the old and new generations of music, I feel there is something missing and that is my inspiration for what I do. I want to bridge that gap, to bring that to the table.

MD: Your sound is described as pop-indie and very experimental. Do you think that is an accurate description?

JO: Yeah…it is what you wouldn't expect. I am open to all genres and I find that is the best way for me to express myself and my feelings. I want to mix urban music with a pop tradition and create something new and leave myself open to all music to create in the future.

MD: You are not only interested in music, but in choreography and fine art too. Can you go through your background in acquiring those interests?

JO: My biography includes my journey as a choreographer and I toured the UK dancing and singing. I began drawing at the age of four, I was taught by my older brother. In primary school I had pencils instead of crayons…as for my education, I always studied music. After school I got a distinction in music in college and I studied fine art in university and got a first in animation.

MD: We both obviously have a great love of music. I really feel that music is so benefited by other creative entities and intuitions, such as fashion, dance, and art in all its forms. And considering your background, would you agree?

JO: Yeah, definitely, and I want to combine such mediums in my music, and include my education and outlook in music. That may include using animation for my future music videos.

MD: Your debut single ‘I'll Be There’ is due for release soon in May. Will you be touring in conjunction with this release?

JO: Yes…there will be a tour and I'm pretty excited about thing! There will be a UK school tour, followed by various festivals throughout the whole of Europe to promote the release…

MD: Finally, you have worked with Ellie Golding. If you could work with anyone in the future who would you choose?

JO: If I could choose to work with anyone, it would be Prince. Also Ed Sheeran. And Adele – I would love to work with her!