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Interview: little hours

Hailing from the very top of Ireland in Donegal, Little Hours are a duo whose music is quickly spreading through the airwaves.
Having recently signed a record deal with RCA music, a division of Sony Music which also boasts clients such as Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon, they are starting their first ever headline tour this week.
As always supports our own Irish artists, I was more than happy to talk to John Doherty from the band, about their upcoming tour and what really makes them different.
I came across your song “Tired” on Spotify and it resonated with me quite strongly. Can you talk a little about the story behind this song?
“Tired” is a song about a modern relationship where the relationship becomes a habit and the love becomes tired. And that’s where the lyric “this tired love” comes from towards the end.
So lyrically it’s a conversation through two verses, through two different speakers who are both in the relationship. It was actually one of the first songs that I (John) wrote and brought to Ryan when we started the band.
Talk me through your song writing process, which comes first? The lyrics or the melody to the song?
There isn’t really a process or a formula for me, I’d love it if there was. It’s literally different every time.
I could sit down and write a song, then come to Ryan or he’d come to me with a song. A lot of the time I’ll just be walking about and an idea can come from nowhere, or somebody will say something weird and I’ll get my phone and write it down, and then look back on it later and Ryan will write a song about it or we’ll write it together. There’s no set way that we do it.
Who would you describe as your musical influences?
We genuinely listen to everything, I find it very hard to listen to music and not find something interesting about it. There’s always something in every song that I like.
The big ones would be a lot of Van Morrison, Bon Iver, Ben Howard and of course, Damien Rice, he’s just huge. Anything out on the radio or what we’ve grown up listening to, we’re influenced by different parts of any musician.
Do you think being Irish musicians has its advantages, or disadvantages?
I think it’s great at the moment being an Irish artist or songwriter, even Hozier opened so many doors for Irish artists over the last year. It’s crazy, but a great time to be an Irish artist. There’s actually so many amazing artists in Ireland.
Is the Irish music scene a tight knit group?
Recently we were talking to someone about it, about how everyone knows each other and it’s honestly great that we’ve either played with each other or have been out with each other. It’s a brilliant community and everyone helps out each other. There are no weird egos.
Who would you aspire to write with, Irish musicians or international musicians?
I think maybe Damien Rice, he’d be amazing, or Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. Obviously Van Morrison. We’re always open to co-writing with people.
At one point you supported Kodaline in concert, have you written with them, or if not would you like to?
We’d love to. We’d write some similar stuff to them, the lads are so sound as well and we’re grateful for the support we get from them.
That’d be a great one. Hopefully we’ll meet up with them soon as we go along and see what happens.
Where would you like to see yourselves this time next year? 
This time next year we would love to have our debut album finished and be released hopefully. That’s the goal. We hope to have something released before then, but right now our goal is the album.
We hope that it will sound uniquely as “Little Hours” and that we’re happy with it. We’ve been in the studio, demoing stuff and we’re constantly writing stuff that we’re excited about.
Have you found that your sound has been changing so far, do you feel that it is evolving? 
We’re constantly coming up with new things, we’re in the studio trying it out and we’re starting to hone in on it a wee bit. So we’re very excited for the future. And then we’ll get back and start
recording it properly.
Speaking of touring, you’re set to do your own tour. Where and when does it begin and where in Ireland are you touring?
We’re starting our first ever headline tour next week, we start in Whelan’s in Dublin on the 15th of October and from there to Cork, Galway and then Limerick.
We’ve got Dermot Kennedy supporting us and we’re huge fans of his so it’s great to have him along.
To purchase tickets for any of the shows off their tour, just click here.
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