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Interview: kodaline

‘Love will set you free’ comes from their second studio album ‘Coming up for air’, which was released earlier this year, and was directed by Courteney Cox (yes – Monica from Friends). 
‘Love will set you free’ is a personal account of the group, and features close friends and girlfriends in the beautiful surroundings of LA. Singer Steve Garrigan explains:
“It’s the first video that we didn’t really have a story to. We had fun for three days and messed around on the beach and had a laugh – it was really natural. Courtney had the cameras rolling all the time, but it was really chilled out. She wanted to capture our personalities – which I think she did.”
This project is marginally different from other video releases by the group, like their hit song ‘Ready’ which features Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who is perhaps better known for his role as ‘Mc Lovin’ in Superbad. Mark Prendergast, lead guitarist of the quartet, tell us how it was totally coincidental:
“The video was actually made for another band who didn’t want to use it in the end. We requested it and it turns out that it went really well with our song. We’ve never met Mc Lovin’, but we’ve spoke on Twitter a few times.”
Although gaining international recognition at lightning speed, they are incredibly humble. While sipping coffee on a popular rooftop terrace, they highlighted the importance of Irish singers and bands remaining true to their Irish roots, and how not to be manipulated by Hollywood. 
“It’s kind of an Irish thing – unless you’re Bono. All Irish musicians are so grounded. We continue to be blown away by how humble the likes of Glen Hansard and Gavin James are, and yet they are so astonishingly talented,” said Mark.
Kodaline and Gavin James recently shared a tour bus while touring the States, which was “intimate”, according to Steve. “He used to serenade me to sleep,” Steve confessed.
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They offered sound advice for anyone that wants to pursue a career in music, commenting that Irish music education has come so far since the lads left school, and to take advantage of the courses available. 
Their coherent message was that you don’t have to study music to be as successful as Kodaline; you just have to love it. 
Bass player Jason Boland recalls of the times he had to travel back and forth to London for auditions, but which are now more widely available. 
And if at first you don’t succeed? Try again. Frontman Steve is a prime example of not giving up on your dreams of a career in music:
“I remember doing an audition and singing songs that ended up on our first album, but they didn’t like it and said no. If BIMM was around, I definitely would have went to it. It gives you an excellent insight into the industry, from both the practical and business end of things,” he said.
Maybe you don’t want to study music, but would still like to be more involved? Jason reckons that practice makes perfect: 
“You might be a business student, but have a passion for music. Invest time into it outside of class time by writing music and practicing as much as you can.”
Kodaline are currently getting ready to tour America, Europe, and the UK, before returning to Ireland for two homecoming gigs in Killarney on December 10th and Dublin’s 02 arena on December 11th.
“The year always revolves around the homecoming show, and we wanted to do it around Christmas. It’s going to be a big party,” says Mark.