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In Defence of Re-gifting

It’s been just over a month since the flurry and excitement of Christmas Day. You all wake up at an ungodly hour (possibly slightly hungover), put the sausages on that you’ll all forget about and nearly burn the house down, gather around the tree handing out presents and – oh, what’s this? Perfectly wrapped, a present from your Godmother, it’s just the right size to be that makeup kit you pointed out to her last time you were shopping with her. It couldn’t be, could it? Did she actually get it for you? You spot the gift tag, “To Laura, I hope you like it. Love Rosie xoxo”. Your pulse picks up marginally. You start to tear the paper, it’s wrapped so perfectly. You tear and you tear and you tear and – it’s a Foot Spa Gift Set.

One Mans Trash

We’ve all been there and I’m sure we’ve all done it to someone else too. What’s that saying? “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Just because you didn’t like the candle maker Uncle Jim got you or the Foor Spa Gift Set your Godmother got you doesn’t mean that somebody else won’t.

Yes We Are Grateful

We should all be grateful for any gift we get. No matter how much thought we think has gone into it. Whether we like the present or not. At least they thought of you. So yes you can be grateful for the present and not like it at the same time.

Better Than Going To Waste

What would you rather do when you get a perfectly fine present, not broken, not tarnished and the box still sealed? Would you rather throw it out or have it sitting in the back of your wardrobe gathering dust for the next few years?

So yes, all in all, I truly believe re-gifting is completely fine to do. Would you rather tell Great Aunt Mary that you don’t like the present and break her little heart?

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