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‘i left my tent in san francisco’ will make you want to plan for summer (book review)

Summer, although months away, is an unforgettable time for many students.
With J1 information talks held in many colleges around the city, it seemed a perfect time to read Emma’s American adventure.
Set in the late 1980’s, Emma is graduating from university with her best friend Dee and both are unsure of what to do as they start the next stage of their lives.
During their final weeks at university, the friends find themselves at an information talk about travelling and working in America. They are in awe by the opportunity right on their doorstep and do not hesitate to sign up.
After convincing their parents this is a great idea and a job would be easy to find on arrival, because Americans love an English accent, Emma and Dee are on their way to living the American dream.
But first, they have to graduate, and with graduation comes a graduation/end of year party, the night before they are set to go to America.
The pair, of course, get drunk and stumble the streets at crazy o’clock. Emma and Dee also get arrested as they try to make it home clutching a road sign in their arms. The drama has started even before they have left England.
With just hours before their flight, Emma and Dee make it to the airport in time to say their farewells to their family.
They finally touchdown in America, after a long, unexpected plane delay. Throughout their time in America, Emma and Dee find themselves searching far and wide for a job and accommodation in California, living off their emergency fund and getting sprayed by a skunk in the Grand Canyon.
Emma and Dee have a flight from New York to England at the beginning of October, the end of their journey, therefore they need to make it to New York from California on little money in order to catch that precious flight home. Will best friends Emma and Dee stick together through thick and thin and make it home?
‘I Left My Tent in San Francisco’ is a heart-warming and hilarious tale full of friendship. After reading this book, it will certainly encourage you to plan for summer 2017.