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Hits and misses: 2013’s music videos

Lickable sledgehammers, blurred lines and Kanye West's massive ego. 2013's music videos had it all.

1. 'Waiting All Night' – Rudimental

Telling the true story of BMX champion and actor Kurt Yaeger who became an amputee after a road accident, this video uses footage from his friends and fellow BMX riders who document his attempt  to cycle again after losing his leg.

2. 'Rhythm of the Night' – Bastille

A mash up of ‘Rhythm of the Night’ and ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, the British band manages to turn the upbeat Europop melodies into a grim, night time lullaby. The video encapsulates the darkness of the song with a lead detective following crimes scenes at night, eventually becoming depressed with all the darkness in his life and committing suicide by the end of the video.

3. 'Hard Out Here' – Lily Allen

Sticking it to society once again, the outspoken singer decides to parody just about every music in the last 30 years or so. Never one to follow the crowd

4. 'Free' -Rudimental

Rudimental don’t do the typical music video, filled with pretty girls in skimpy outfits, instead preferring to go out and film real-life stories. Their latest video follows wing suit flier, Jokke Sommer, as he glides through the air after he climbs the Eigar Mountain in the Alps.

5. 'Wrecking Ball' – Miley Cyrus

So much to say about Miley’s career as a builder – clearly there would be some health and safety issues with knocking down walls in your underwear and swinging naked from an actual wrecking ball. But with over 400 million YouTube views I doubt Miley is that worried about angry builders.

6. 'Blurred Lines' – Robin Thicke

Has a video caused as much controversy as this one? With the models wearing next to nothing and the derogatory lyrics, YouTube had to flag the video as inappropriate for viewers.

7. 'Roar' – Katy Perry

Probably a little annoyed that Miss Cyrus is stealing all the limelight and column inches, Katy Perry decided she wanted to roar just as loud as the queen of the jungle.  Stranded in the wild apparently doesn’t affect your ability to looking polished and groomed.

8. 'Bound 2' – Kayne West

There are no words for this. One of the most ridiculous music videos of not just 2013, but in the history of music videos. Tacky, cheap and downright ridiculous, it’s hard to believe an artist such as Kayne West would produce something as bad as this. Although the rumours are that he intentionally made Bound 2 so bad to demonstrate the stereotypes within the music industry