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Getting to know hare squead

For those out there unfamiliar with the musical musings of Hare Squead, here’s the rundown. Three lads from Tallaght and Blanchardstown came together to create a  fresh new sound after deciding to leave college and make it big time. Now they’re touring across Ireland, travelling the world, working on new music and in talks about bringing out their very own line of merch soon. I caught up with the cheeky chaps before their show in Four/Four, one of Galway’s best nightlife spots, to find out more about Ireland’s newest breakout group from members Lilo, Jessy and Tony.
So guys, first up we have to talk about this name, Hare Squead. Where did it come from?
Tony: We were stupid young kids, with really bad haircuts…it’s square head mixed around basically. It’s the Will Smith hair cut!
What music did ye listen to growing up, who inspired you?
Jessy: A bunch of people. We listen to a lot of rock, gospel, jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul, disco, trance, garage, heavy metal and reggae.
Where did you all meet? Have you been friends growing up together?
Lilo: Actually me and him (Tony) have been friends for years. I always knew of Jesse, he might be ignorant and say he didn’t know of me [laughs].
Jessy: We met in town skateboarding, because they’re two black skaters from Tallaght and I’m a black skater from Blanch. Usually, because we’re from the north and south side, we never usually see each other because I wouldn’t be up that way, they wouldn’t be down this way or the opposite way around. We met up in the city centre and BOOM let’s make music and shit and lets like you know we’re sixteen years old listening to music making music and loving life and now we’re here.
What kind of style would you describes yourselves as a band?
Tony: Strong, passionate, fire.
I know you guys are listed as ‘pop’ on iTunes, but I wouldn’t call you pop…
Tony: Yeah!
Jessy: Well…the definition of pop is short for popular.
Lilo: Would you not call us popular?
Well I think you guys are popular but I would say the best way to describe you is like a bit of Chance the Rapper, a bit of Drake and a bit of Kanye thrown in there.
Lilo: I like you, you’re the best interviewer we’ve had.
Jessy: Exactly, like we’re not pop music guys!
Let’s talk about your sound, what do you guys draw from for your music? Who writes the songs?
Lilo+Jessy+Tony: We all do.
Lilo: It’s really a collaborative thing
What’s the process like? How do you start a song?
Lilo: Ah, sometimes it could be like one of us will come up with a melody and we’ll spark an idea. That’s when we’re together; a lot of the time we’re all writing separately, and coming up with ideas and then we’ll present them to the band.
Tony: It just kinda fuses together.
How did you come up with the name for your EP?
Jessy: Supernormal? It was kinda self-explanatory, we’re three very normal people.
What are your hopes for 2017? What do you want to do as a group?
Lilo: Stack up on money, make lots and lots of money, it’s all about money this year.
Jessy: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say.
What acts are you looking forward to doing this year, are you heading back to Longitude?
Jessy: We’re going to be doing a whole lot of stuff that we’re excited about
Tony: A lot of new music actually, like so much music.
Jessy: We’re going to put a lot of music out there.
Are we finally going to get an album off you guys?
Lilo: Do you know what yeah? You’s are gonna get a tonne of music.
Tony: You can put it all together and call it an album, if you want.
So piece together the album yeah?
Jessy: Or if you want like you can be like we’ve got three albums already
Lilo: We don’t want to put an album out yet
Tony: Cause like that’s blood and soul
So it’s around an album but we’re not going to call it an album?
Tony: Let’s call it the sun, we’re dropping the sun.
Are you going to do merch this year?
Tony: I mean, we don’t want like basic merch, we want high quality stuff. It’s gonna look hot as shit.
Lilo: We won’t give away too much information about how its going to look stylistically but there’s definitely going to be some cool stuff.
Jessy: We’re talking to some cool ass people right now about some merch but maybe we’re going to design our own stuff. I’m trying to bring the vibe up here.
Lilo: See, Jessy here is always insecure and tries to bring up the vibe when it’s going down but its actually pretty high.
Any goals you guys have, like stadiums you want to sell out, maybe win a few Grammy’s?
Lilo: See like, right you know how they discovered this new planet? We want to sell that out.
Preshow ritual?
Lilo: We pray before every show, which is funny actually because we’re one of the most explicit bands.
Favourite form of social media?
Jessy: Instagram
Lilo: Snapchat
Tony: Instagram