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Geordie shore vs college degree – which would you choose?

When John Baird invented the television in 1926, I wonder did he envisage it being used to screen people “getting mortal”, “bucking birds” and urinating on themselves.
Geordie Shore is a show which we have all grown to love. Its 11 season (and counting) longevity means it must be doing something right.
The main theme of the show is people simply do not give a (rhymes with duck). Their only concerns are pulling, getting ossified and scoffing a kebab at the end of the night.
But when you put all joking aside, read between the lines and think about it logically – what are we all doing with our lives?
Just before Christmas, I was snowed under with assignments and stressed to the max. I took an hour break from my study to watch Geordie Shore.
Having thoroughly enjoyed Kyle’s dramatic exit from the show as I think he is a gimp of the highest order, suddenly a little light bulb appeared above my head and it dawned on me – I have an undergraduate law degree, will soon have a masters in journalism and no matter how hard I work, I will only ever earn one tenth of what the cast members of Geordie Shore do.
This completely unfounded yet probably accurate enough statistic which I plucked from my backside will ring true for the vast majority of us.
Kyle Christie, who scores a ten on the bellend scale, will forever more be better off than me because he is a bellend. When I let that sink in, I began to question my choice to have morals and self-respect.  
Over the Christmas period I walked into HMV and in the DVD section I came across workout DVD’s from Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Vicky Pattison all on the same shelf.
These girls who we have seen scoffing kebabs seven nights a week after a belly feed of alcohol are now fitness experts, and fair play to them!
Not only that, now the vast majority of them all have their very own clothing ranges. 
Most of the characters have about two A-levels between them and as far as I am aware, most of them did not go to college.
That is not meant to be condescending, although it probably sounds that way. A lot of the most successful people in the world do not have college degrees and didn’t get 500 points in their Leaving Cert.
What is a degree worth nowadays anyway?
If Geordie Shore is anything to go by, we can all become successful entrepreneurs by just going on television and getting pissed.
This article was wrote tongue-in-cheek, but all tongue-in-cheekness aside, is this how the generation below us will adjudicate their futures?
They will look at us post-Celtic Tiger kids who are running ourselves into the ground trying to get a degree which will land us a job (maybe) that pays €25-30k, if we are lucky.
Then they will look to Geordie Shore, where people get paid to go to Greece for six weeks to do nothing but drink, have sex and completely disregard any morals they have, to then come home to business ventures worth up to €100k waiting for them.
Which would you choose?