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Chasing the dream: nadia forde

It’s been a busy year so far for model, turned singer Nadia Ford. From her time in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to the premier of her new show Chasing the Dream, which starts tonight, it seems that she is always on the go.
Nadia’s new reality show documents the ‘glamour’ of touring and promoting a new single, however she admits that there will be plenty of ups and downs. We will also see the singer tour and experience London, Ibiza, Miami and Dublin, in a bid to document the life of a singer ‘on the road’.
“The shooting was definitely 24/7, but I did get a couple of weeks break at a time,” she explains.
“We filmed over ten months, but then of course I was in the jungle [for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here], between that for October, November and December; I stayed in Australia for 8 weeks.
“They actually started filming me as soon as I landed back in Heathrow Airport.”
However Nadia surprisingly admits that she won’t be tuning in tonight to watch it. “I’m probably more nervous than excited. I’ll probably be hidden somewhere in a dark room,” she says laughing.
“I actually voiced over the episodes so I know what the content is and I kind of know what’s coming, so I’m probably not going to watch it. It’s tough to watch yourself on screen,” she explains.
As Nadia’s journey unfolds, we see her undertake confidence lessons, the challenge of performing a fully acoustic set and even support boy band M.A.D! in Bristol.
“I loved it all; I love the fact it shows somebody’s progression over that space of time. Unexpected things happen. It’s someone living their life that just happens to be on camera,” she muses.
“There were some weeks where I had a week off, or where I’d have to tell my friends that there will be cameras following me, and ask them ‘would you be okay with being on camera?’ But my brother is very uncomfortable with that kind of stuff so he would only come and see me when I wasn’t filming.”
Nadia’s first single ‘Stuck’ comes out at the end of May, and she explains that it is a rather uplifting song.

“Stuck is a song I co-wrote, it’s pretty up-beat and uplifting. It’s about that part in a relationship where you don’t know where you stand. But there’s lots of horns and brass instruments, so it’s fun and not too serious.”

While speaking to Nadia it is clear that we will be seeing plenty more of her this year. “I’m actually going on tour with a West End UK tour, called West End Men at the end of May.
“On the 7th June we come to the Bord Gais Energy Theater. My best friend is getting married in June which is very exciting, and then doing different promotions will last for about three months.”
Nadia: Chasing The Dream starts tonight at 8pm on 3e.