Nights In

Boys will be boys

Looking in need of a good night’s kip, it’s not hard to tell that the hoody-sporting trio huddled in the corner of a plush hotel bar haven’t just nipped in for afternoon tea.  In fact, the last T they had was in the Park, at the annual Scottish festival, just one of two arena shows the Original Rudeboys played last weekend. Rapper Neddy enthuses about taking to the stage in front of an unfamiliar crowd, 

“Its exciting to go out and prove yourself to these people” 

Prove themselves they did, and the lads proudly inform us that they “just got a tweet saying that a few of the Scottish fans had bought our album on iTunes.”

Although the Dublin hiphop outfit got together scarcely a year ago, these kind of stadium performances are becoming something of a habit.  Saturday also saw the boys play support to Swedish House Mafia at the now infamous Phoenix Park gig.

“It was the biggest crowd we’ve performed to, to date, and everything went great!”

“Really enjoyable” adds guitarist Rob, languidly, apparently still in recovery after all the excitement.

Success hasn’t gone to the lads’ heads however, and the threesome assure us that they are only just beginning their rise to the bigtime.

“We haven’t made it yet, there’s still a long way to go,” explains Ned pragmatically, “I think that if you tell yourself that you’ve made it you start getting lazy and deteriorating.”

Rob explains that cracking the UK market will be their next move, and even ponders some future collaborations. “I’d love to sit down and write a song with Ed Sheeran or James Morrison”.  He swiftly rules out using any of their famous mates as a gimmick to crack the English market,  “For now, I think its important that we just work among ourselves”.

Despite having Mr. Sheeran on direct dial, and counting last year’s Oxegen as their fifth ever gig, Rob dispels any notions that it’s been an easy ride for the Rudeboys.

“People see the photos of us playing in front of big crowds, but they don’t see the photos of us playing the small gigs, or rehearsing in the studio.”

Neddy chimes in, “Its not all gone swimmingly for us. We’ve come across some roadblocks on the way, which we’ve had to overcome.  People always see what they perceive to be “immediate success” but there’s a lot hard work behind that.”

Whatever fame and fortune has thrown at the lads so far, Rob is adamant that it hasn’t affected their friendship. “It hasn’t changed one bit. We still slag each other, only now it’s over different things.”

Teabagging turns out to be one of those “different things!”, and ukulele player Walshy recalls one of the more amusing items gifted to him by fans.

“I posted on Twitter that I didn’t like tea, and the next gig someone threw up a box of teabags with a letter on it asking me why I don’t like tea, and to have a go of these!”

Crazy groupies have become par for the course, and explaining the reason for the upcoming all ages show, Walshy notes that, “lots of our fans are between 14 and 18, and that age group are the ones that stand outside the hotel when you’re doing interviews.  They’re really dedicated.”

There’s more than a hint of sentiment in his voice when he reveals “We came back from Scotland to the airport, and there was about twenty fans there waiting to meet us.”

So what pearls of wisdom do the lads have to impart on young fans that wish to follow in their footsteps?  Neddy points out the pitfall that has much of the internet talent has fallen prey to.

“There’s some fantastic singers on Youtube, but they’re all doing covers. If you even come up with one original song, you’ll go places.”

Well, it worked for the Original Rudeboys!

The Written Songs EP is available to download now.