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Better call saul: what we think so far

The series all Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for is finally here. The spin off series airs every Tuesday on Netflix, and has been hugely anticipated. So has it lived up to expectations so far? In a word, yes. In fact if anything Better Call Saul has exceeded all expectations.

Although it is a spin off series, anyone who has not seen Breaking Bad (yes, there may be some of us still living under a rock) can easily start viewing Better Call Saul as it works as an independent series.

In fact, as good as Breaking Bad was, this series is really too good to only be seen as a spin off. High praise after only four episodes right? Well Better Call Saul deserves all these plaudits and more.

The series centres around Jimmy McGill, a down on his luck public defender trying to build his own law firm from the ground up. Jimmy is living in the shadow of his reclusive brother Chuck’s law firm, now run by Jimmy’s arch enemy, Hamlin.

As cunning and devious as he is resourceful, Jimmy is literally willing to do whatever it takes to make his way to the top and this makes for extremely entertaining viewing.

In Breaking Bad Jimmy (known as Saul then) is an entertaining and mainly humorous character. This led to many people predicting Better Call Saul would be a comedy. However, while there are many comedic elements to the show to purely label it as a comedy would be limiting to the series.

In truth it is more of a drama, thus far anyway. We have been told to expect some cameos from some of the Breaking Bad characters but one constant is show favourite Mike (Jonathan Banks.)

We meet Mike as a disillusioned parking attendant in Better Call Saul, but he undoubtedly has a bigger role to play as the series develops.

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have definitely gotten it right again after their highly successful production breakthrough in Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul is taking a very different direction, but this is a good thing, and the show looks like it has massive potential. Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy) has flourished in the main role after his bit part character in Breaking Bad. For those of you who haven’t started watching yet I have three words, Better Call Saul!