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Beating the january blues: a playlist

I don’t know about you but I’ve really been hating the January blues this season. I mean, it’s dark a hell of a lot of the time, being bombarded with “brand new ways” to be a better you and lose those few pounds etc etc.
I’ve had enough.
You know, sometimes I just want to sit alone in my room and shout along to my favourite upbeat songs. That’s how I’m going to beat the January blues, whether that’s the right way or not – who knows, but it’s the way I’m doing it.
What’s on this super-fly playlist you ask? Here we go so.
‘Here it goes again’ by OK Go. Bit of a blast from the past but a worthwhile one all the same. With gyms being packed out and the shame of having to act like a fawn trying to find their feet, why not have a laugh on treadmills like these guys in the video? The upbeat song is great to get you up in the morning and face the (most likely dreary) day with a smile!
One way to beat the January blues is to completely ignore the time of year you’re in. I find bopping to summer bangers helps forget reality. I’m sure we can agree that music is a bit of escapism, like any entertainment. So to say be a big F.U to January, you should definitely blast ‘Mr Blue Sky’ but Electric Light Orchestra. Great song no matter what time of year.
The other day I got the bus home due to being very much rained upon. As I sat on the top deck of the bus, while the water trickled around me – ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams came on the radio. At first I was shocked that world in general was so against me but after a moment I realised that this is a perfect song. The beauty of reverse psychology. I’m not saying this is a magic song that makes everyone who listens to it happy, but sure isn’t it worth a try anyway?
Now this time of year, it’s still fairly chilly and even snowy so personally I think that can guarantee a deserved “personal day”. To fit this I think Bruno Mars – ‘The Lazy Song’ suits. This song always gives off the illusion that we are all entitled to a day off in which we do absolutely nothing and don’t allow stress into our lives in any shape or form. I think this is a great message and certainly one to tackle those January blues that persist.
Another song that I find relaxes me and takes the pressure off is ‘Sunday Morning’ – Maroon 5. Whether you love or hate the band, you can’t deny the beauty of this song. It’s very simple and rather soothing, great for clearing the mind.
I saw a recent post somewhere online that read: “why be moody when you can shake your booty”. No Barack Obama quality speech but not bad all the same. Sometimes shaking the stress away actually really works. We’re getting back into routine and that can take a lot out of you. Reward yourself with a night in the club or even your own sitting room with friends where you just throw the music on and see what happens.
A song I’d have in mind for this would be Hailee Steinfeld – ‘Love Myself’. I like this song for its positivity and it’s a bit addictive once you start listening to it. I think the point of the song is that there’s no harm in a bit of self love and being kind to yourself should hold high importance in your life.
So there you have it. I hope to see you bopping about campus to these ones and honestly if the blues are really getting too much for you – talk to someone, seek help. You should never have to face these things alone and trust me, someone cares.