Nights In

As the bitch falcon takes flight

On a drizzly afternoon in the smoking area of a well-known Dublin bar in the George’s Arcade area of the city, a band sit down to speak to a guy with a notebook and a pen. 
The uniquely named grunge outfit, Bitch Falcon, are one of the youngest bands on the Dublin circuit at the moment.
Formed in early 2014, the band consists of front woman and guitarist, Lizzie Fitzpatrick, drummer Nigel Kenny and bassist Naomi Macleod. 
The trio draw major influence from acts including Bjork, Torch, Pearl Jam and Mastadon. The band’s origins come from the early work of Lizzie with a previous guitarist and once Nigel, originally from Galway, met Naomi through a mutual job, the rest as they say, was history. 
The origin of the band’s name comes from their previous drummer. She left to return to Slovakia, but she left them with one of the most distinctive names you’re likely to come across. In a moment of epiphany it came to her. Bitch Falcon has stuck since that day.  
Giving the bands collective influences, Nigel’s musical history is a little… eclectic. In the past he’s been involved with an alt-folk act and indie duo in Galway.
For Naomi the hip hop bassist Thundercat has been a major influence for the funkier side to Bitch Falcon’s set. 
Lizzie approaches her influences to writing her songs a little differently. Taking the stylings of Bjork and heavier electronic music, she translates them in to the rock and roll style the band blast out at every gig. 
A varied and interesting creative process responsible for the beautifully crafted grimey riffs and drum fills their music consists of. 
One thing that is quite clear from speaking to them in the dingy, but charming smoking area, is how much these three individuals care about their music. 
They care about the music they make and they love it. This is the main reason why they have achieved so much in such a relatively short space of time. 
They have gigged in some of the best venues all over the country including the Roisín Dubh in Galway city and Sweeney’s bar in Dublin. 
They’ve also been to a few festivals with their biggest gig to date being at the magical Knockanstockan festival in Wicklow earlier this summer. Now they’re going on a picnic. 
This year’s Electric Picnic will see them take on the main stage in the Body and Soul area on Saturday at 5pm, so make sure you’re there if you don’t want to miss out on one of the most passionate and enthusiastic bands you will see at the whole festival.
Even if you do miss them, they’ll be gracing The Workman’s Club 5th birthday celebrations on September 9th along with The Hot Sprockets and another Dublin date on October 18th in Sin É. 
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To hear more of Bitch Falcon’s music, why not visit their Facebook and Bandcamp page