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Argo: film review

But any worry of another mishap in the talented Bostonian’s career has been ignored in recent years; since Affleck has taken residence upon the director’s chair.

His latest film, Argo, is a delightful continuation on his fantastic directorial skills which came to light in both Gone Baby Gone and The Town. Once again, Affleck produces an authentic piece of work and builds the drama to its maximum in another gripping tale.

Affleck plays Tony Mendez, a CIA exfiltration specialist that leads the hazardous mission to rescue six American hostages from Iran. The hostages have escaped the Iranian militants for now, but desperately take cover in the Canadian embassy waiting for rescue. Bizarrely the best option for rescue is to create a fake film and smuggle the hostages out of Iran as film crew members.

This true story builds on excitement with every frame and will leave the viewer biting their nails by the movies climax. As always with Affleck, we have a great collection of characters to attach ourselves to throughout the story. All characters are portrayed exquisitely by the terrific cast of Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Affleck himself.

Argo ticks all the boxes needed in a drama movie: It has great story, likeable characters, tones of risk, plenty of suspense and the right level of humour to alleviate the tension when needed. It can be expected that Argo will be amongst the names at the Oscars. A movie with such a good story, great direction and a fantastic supporting performance from Alan Arkin will be tough to ignore at the Academy Awards.