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2guns – review

In 2Guns we are introduced to Robert “Bobby” Trench (Denzel Washington) and Michael ”Stig” Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) who are both working undercover in the same drug syndicate, together smuggling drugs across the Mexican border.

Respectively, as undercover agents, they are DEA and US Naval Intelligence and are unaware of each other’s federal status. The film kicks off as they are cheated out of a significant cocaine shipment by the Mexican drug lord they run for.

As a result, they proceed to rob three million of his earnings but instead and unwillingly acquire forty three million of government money in the robbery.

This money is tainted with corruption as becomes clear that the CIA is being paid off by the cartel as the levels and depths of corruption are excavated. Suspicion is rife and tensions are high as all parties endeavor to recover this money.

Bill Paxton is outstanding in his role as deranged CIA bigwig in hot pursuit of the missing cash, with a penchant for Russian roulette style torture methods. All those in search of the money come together in an inevitable explosive end.

With the formalities out of the way, this is a tremendous film. Such a bold statement obviously requires significant back up.

The plot is familiar enough and has been done before, but to no detriment, as it is the subtleties of this film that really impress.

Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur manipulates the camera with use of slow motion and quick cuts and varies the pace of scenes and the angles of shots without pretention or overuse which creates a nice cinematic flow.

What I was particularly impressed by is that the film has a great retro suggestion reminiscent of the 70s cop movie genre with classic car chase scenes and corruption the retro feel is enhanced with the choice of vehicles with use of vintage Mercedes, Ford and the 70s classic the dodge. The film score also adds to this, with music composed by Clinton Shorter, as does the smallest details in wardrobe choices.

I have very little regard for action- comedy as a film genre. It is a very uninspiring combination and usually does little for either component and generally invites ridicule.

It amalgamates very well in this instance mainly as the comedy is provided mostly by Stig and Bobby's interaction with each other. They bounce witty banter and exchange humorous anecdotes to provide genuine comedy, with cracking one -liners. Wahlberg is the real hero of this production. The action is not compromised by this humour.

The fight scenes are brilliantly done in particular between Washington and Wahlberg. There are notable and impressive explosions and the film graphically violent in parts. All of the above practically elevates 2Guns to cult status complete with severed heads in bags, headless chickens and in reference to another cult classic, a raging bull or two. It is slick and stylish and due in cinemas August 16th. It is highly entertaining and ever so clever.

2Guns is in cinemas today.