Film Review - 'Katie'. A Look Inside the Life of Boxing Champ, Katie Taylor

“She’s gone five and zero and the biggest thing she’s done has been to call you out”. Katie Taylor’s manager Brian Peters set the undertone of this movie with this comment about a potential

Film Review - Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist Season 2 continues on where its predecessor left off. Davos ( Sacha Dhawan) is after the power of the Iron Fist, and Joy Meachum ( Jessica Stroup) is seeking revenge on Danny ( Finn Jones)

Pick Of The Week: Thoroughbreds

I first saw the poster for Thoroughbreds a few months ago when I was compiling a selection of top picks for this column. The picture was of two girls sitting at opposite ends of a long couch. The

The Rise of Podcasts

When you hear the words “binge worthy”, the latest hit TV show might spring to mind. But lately, the term once reserved for shows such as Stranger Things is now being applied to podcasts.

What To See In The Cinema This Week

  As the college semester draws to a close, we hope your stress levels ahead of exams and final essays are not too high. What better way to wash the stress away than by catching a film with

A Quiet Place: Review

Over the course of this long Winter/Spring, I have had time to catch up on a couple of films I have wanted to see for a while, namely Sicario and 13Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Behghazi. In the