Limerick – a halloween guide

DIE on Halloween – 29th of October
For those of you who have been to DIE before, you kind of know what to expect. For newcomers, the music ranges from dubstep, indie and electronic, between three rooms. Because it’s Halloween it is my guess that it’s going to be even more mental. The best Halloween Rave going. Tickets in all SU’s are sold out, which confirms my suspicions that the warehouse is going to be packed. Be sure and dress up!
ANGEL LANE – The Bloody Dreadful party 29th of October
As you know, Angel Lane reopened this year and it is always packed with people on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There’s a prize of €250 for the best Halloween costume so be creative! I would also suggest that you get there early as its bound to be packed for the night that’s in it.
While researching events, very few were advertised on each club’s Facebook. However, no doubt the crowds will be out in these places.
ICON – Halloween weekend events
From the 29th of October to the 1st of November, Icon are holding Halloween related events, including blood thirsty cocktails, live music from a variety of unique and talented acts. And again, get your thinking caps on, there’s a snazzy prize of €500 for the best dressed Halloween reveller.
CRUSH 87 – 31st of October
It’s that spooky season again. On the night of all Hallows, Crush 87 is holding an event called “The Walking Dead”. You can enter for free before 10:30pm if you are dressed like a zombie. Will you survive the night? Bound to a night of scares, good craic and some scary dance moves.
27th Oct – The Day of the Dead
4 DJ’s / 4 Rooms / 2 Courtyards / 1 Ultimate Club
Giveaways and Prizes for best Costume
€3 With a flyer or a screenshot on your Phone
€5 on the door without a flyer
29th Oct – Halloween Super Hero Night
Five euro on the door, best dressed superhero wins a Crush87 Gold Membership Card!
But a good night out can be had at Costello’s or Charlie Chaplin’s regardless with some classic Halloween tunes.