Have you got what it takes to create the ‘next big thing’ in 3 days?

Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (TES) and Idea Starter are set to host a 3 day event in Qualtrics’ Dublin HQ this weekend, where attendees will have 52 hours to create a viable product.
The groups will have to develop an idea, design a prototype, find potential customers and partners, and pitch their idea to potential users all within the three days. 
Idea Starter is a student entrepreneurial community that brings students and entrepreneurs together, under the one roof, with the task of solving real industry problems. 
Mentors will also be on hand to offer assistance and advice in regards to any issues the groups may have in relation to their product.  
Individuals will also have the chance to sit in on talks and workshops and meet professionals from a wide range of fields including; Software Development, IT Architecture, Business Development, Marketing and Social Media Experts.
At the end of the weekend, groups will then get the chance to pitch their ideas to a set of judges in a situation similar to Dragon’s Den.
For the teams that are lucky enough to win over the judges, they will then bring their ideas to Dublin Beta. 
To learn more about Idea Starter visit
Photo: The founders of Idea Starter – Hesus Inoma, Daniel Paul & Thomas Devine