George Ezra’s “Staying At Tamara’s” – Review

After working on it for eighteen months, George Ezra has created a foot-tapping, mellow album to help you get away from the world’s worries.

Ezra’s relaxing and reminiscing new album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, allows you to ‘get away’ from the drama of the world and acts as a distraction to the “ocean full of change” within the world that we all can’t seem to escape from. When you get past the bopping and tapping to the rhythm and listen carefully to the lyrics, you begin to unravel the message Ezra is portraying in his own musical image. #
It seems Ezra can’t bring himself “to dive into an ocean full of change” within his new album. Ezra is making a rebellious statement in this album saying how he refuses to think about the changes within the world as he “don’t think about that stuff”. After all, “It don’t matter now” especially when you decide to get away from the worlds changes.

In this album we hear how Ezra views the positives and the negatives aspects of life. When ‘Paradise’ starts playing, the tempo changes to a faster pace and Ezra’s sense of determination is back in the game. In this stage of the album, we hear a “Big jump” to a more light-hearted and positive Ezra, especially in the song ‘Sugarcoat’.

The sense of longing and wanting to jump out of your comfort zone is predominant in this album. Whether you wish to jump out of society’ norms, facing changes in life or tackling your fears, it’s clear that Ezra’s album is a relaxing escape to think about your own ‘beautiful dream’.

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