Great News: You Can Now Bring Your Furry Friend Into Irish Restaurants

Though I’m (sadly) not a dog owner, I am a dog lover. I understand the attachment and the pure desire to bring your pooch with you everywhere you go, only to be sorely disappointed and dismayed by the rules and regulations of many businesses and restaurants.

Though there are a few dog-friendly cafés and restaurants scattered through Dublin, they are few and far between. Many believe that having animals in a food establishment is unsanitary and unnecessary. Well, they are now proven wrong!

The Food Saety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has revealed that the archaic rule forbidding pups in pubs have now been lifted. The rules which were first implemented in the 1950s have now been changed, leaving it to the business owner’s discretion whether they will allow domestic animals in their establishment.

The animals are still forbidden in areas where food is made, prepared and handled such as kitchens, supermarkets and shops.

However, they are now allowed in pubs and restaurants provided the business owner can prove that they won’t contaminate or violate the other standing health laws.

They, of course, will still allow animals such as:

  • Guide dogs to help people who are vision impaired
  • Assistance dogs for families of children with autism
  • Assistance dogs for adolescents with autism
  • Companion dogs for persons with other disabilities
  • Pups and dogs in training who will go on to qualify as the above categories of dog

But if you’ve ever felt so inclined to bring your pet out with you – dog or cat! – then off you go.

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