Dublin’s best burgers

A burger, one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures. But for such a simple thing, it can be done so wrong, or oh so right. 
So why waste time looking for the perfect burger, sifting through all the disappointing buns, dried out patties, and less than desirable toppings, when we here at Campus have done the hard graft for you?
Here is our infinite list of burger joints in Dublin.
Jo Burger
The hipster haven of burgers. Located at the back of George’s Arcade and in Rathmines too, Jo Burger is part of the Skinflint and Crackbird group and offers exceptional burgers at reasonable prices.
My favourite thing about Jo Burger is that they ask how you’d like your burger to be cooked – medium, always. Their combinations seem a bit mad, but it works. If you don’t see anything you like though, they’ve no qualms about you constructing your own.
Bóbós on Wexford Street and Dame Street offer 100% gourmet Irish burgers, very reasonably priced and always so fresh. 
They serve probably the most Irish burgers you will ever come across, and have names such as: The Dubliner, The Lansdown and The Cashel.
However as important as the burger is, especially when judging Dublin’s best burger; nowhere even comes close when it comes to judging Bóbós’ sides.
From the chubby chips, to the skinny fries, onion rings, to their chilli cheese chips – you’ll go for the burgers, but stay for the sides. 
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Gourmet Burger Kitchen
There are a few of these bad boys around, such as South Anne Street, South William Street and Temple Bar to name a few. 
GBK are definitely a front-runner when it comes down to value for money – especially for students.
Bring your student card with you, and you can feast on a delicious beef, chicken or veggie burger, plus fries for just €6.50. 
Sides and sauces will set you back just 50c each, while if you’re a DIT student, you can drink to your hearts content with a free, bottomless soft drink.
Fancy a beef burger with cheese, an onion ring, some garlic mayo, bacon and dill pickle on your burger? Yeah we thought so.
Counter Burger
If you’re around Suffolk Street or doing a spot of shopping in Dundrum, then you’ll definitely want to refuel with a Counter burger. 
We simultaneously love and hate the fact that you can entirely construct your own burger with their quirky menus, because there’s just so much to choose from, that you want it all. 
Sometimes you can’t decide whether you’re going to be super healthy with their burger bowls, or you want all the cheeses on your deliciously moist burger – it’s tough.
I have no hesitation in saying that Bunsen is Dublin’s best burger. With just two things on the menu – hamburger or cheeseburger – we say Bunsen is perfection. 
There’s very little I can say about this fabulous joint on Wexford Street, so you’re just going to have to trust us, and get yourself in there, stat! You can leave us a comment thanking us later. 
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