Festival review: sea sessions

It’s been a little over a week since I attended Sea Sessions, and I for one have only just recovered after a whirlwind weekend filled with amazing music, torrential rain and bucket loads of alcohol.

 Described by the Independent as, “the most Irish beach party you could ever attend,” Sea Sessions’ eighth year most definitely went out with a bang.

I’d expected the music to be nothing short of amazing, and my expectations were exceeded on the main stage on Friday night. 

Things really kicked off when Sigma hit the stage and got the crowd going at half past nine, and the night that continued was what could be described as a house lover’s dream. 

Headliners’ DJ Wire and Example had the arena full to the brim and I’ve never seen a crowd so lively and enthusiastic. The night also ended on a high note, with Klingande playing the finishing set.

Not only was Friday the best night for the main stage, there were also many talented acts performing on the Vodafone stage, and this made for a bit of clashing. 

I thought it would be a case of rushing back and forward, but I ended up missing Little Hours set because I was having too much fun at Sigma. A little annoying but hey, I had a great time!

The music clashed in more than one way, in the sense that you could be jumping up and down to Cyril Hahn’s dance set one minute and spinning around listening to some country tunes by Amazing Apples the other. The variation was great and it allowed for some time to chill in between sets.

The festival site was located about 15 minutes from the campsite (that is, if you’re a slow walker wearing Doc Martens like myself) so when I went to the festival site, I stayed there.

There was no alcohol allowed in, so any pre-drinking had to be done beforehand, meaning we ended up missing a lot of the earlier acts due to sheer laziness. Had the site been closer by, I wouldn’t be so heartbroken today over missing The Academic and 5 Dollar Shakes.

One thing that I found very strange, but definitely beneficial to my health, is that the music finished up pretty early. Every night the site went quiet at 1 am and everyone retreated back to their tents, entertainment left to themselves. 

For someone who needs their sleep, this was a better option for me than staying up until 5 am like we did at Life. The better option isn’t always the most fun though, is it?

Because Sea Sessions was based in Bundoran town, it made the weekend a lot less stressful. If you ran out of toilet paper or lost your rain jacket, all you had to do was take a five minute walk into the town to restock. This also made the portaloo situation a little easier, because if you really wanted to you could avoid them. 

The campsite area was a football pitch, so even though it bucketed down rain for most of the weekend it was well drained and didn’t get too mucky. You could definitely go without wellies, and I went with my trusty Doc Martens’ instead.

When I woke up on Sunday, I noticed something strange – lots of people had left! I guess some people just aren’t meant for the camping life, but we powered through. 

After a weekend of craziness, Sunday allowed for some calm amongst the storm with artists like Maverick Sabre and The Riptide Movement taking to the stage, which I’m sure our neighbours are devastated that they missed.

Sea Sessions is not only known for its amazing and diverse range of music, but also for its “Barefoot Beach Olympics” – a range of sports tournaments played throughout the weekend. 

This year it had everything, from tag rugby to ultimate Frisbee and skating. For somebody who’d enjoyed themselves just a little too much the night before, my stomach was too weak for any more running around. I decided to leave my exercise regime solely to dancing.

As with every festival, there was a definite sense of community at Sea Sessions. You make plenty of new friends as well as reconnecting with old ones, and had plenty of laughs along the way.

Some people think that the worst part of a festival is the fact that you never have battery in your phone, but I love it. Nobody’s glued to their phone and it’s all about proper communication, making the weekend so much more memorable.

Sea Sessions 2015 was one to remember, and I’ll most definitely be back there again. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible, and has made me even more excited for the remaining festivals on my agenda this summer.