Festival essentials

It’s approaching the height of festival season in Ireland, so it’s likely that you’ve seen countless articles and blogposts focusing on “festival fashion”.
Yes, it’s very important to look the part, but it’s even more important to prevent arriving and realizing that you’ve forgotten something essential! 
Everyone knows that festivals mean sacrificing your creature comforts and embracing the mucky life for a few days, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice, but there are certain items that can make the experience a little less gross.
Firstly and perhaps most importantly – baby wipes. They will be your savior, I cannot stress this enough. When the queue for the showers is a mile long and the facilities are more than a little grim looking, a baby wipe can do wonders to freshen both you and your belongings up. 
Plus they’re small and easy to pop in your bag when you’re on the go. In lieu of bringing your own toilet paper, bring a few baby wipes to the dreaded portaloos.
Don’t forget your personal hygiene items like your toothbrush and deodorant. When you’re packing, your first priority will be your flower crown and drink allowance, but once you’re there you’ll be thankful you didn’t forget these! 
Three days without brushing your teeth is not a pleasant feeling, as well as it being awful for your smile. Deodorant will not only keep you smelling fresh, but it will keep your friends happy too. No one wants to stand beside you in the crowd if you lift your arms up and knock them out.
It’s also really important to bring your medical information. If you suffer from a condition or you have allergies, write it down and keep it in your purse/wallet and let people know it’s there. This is something that could potentially save your life.
Now I know we all value our phones more than anything, but what are you going to do if you get lost and it’s out of battery? It’s a good idea to write down the phone numbers of everyone in your group and keep it handy. 
Unless you’re “glamping” you won’t have access to a plug that you don’t have to queue and pay for, which means your phone is more than likely going to die. If you keep important contact numbers separate, you can borrow a phone etc.
This festival essential seems a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people disregard the information. You have to pack weather appropriate clothing
For people in Ireland that’s normally a rain jacket and wellies however, when we do experience the sun it can be fierce, so if the forecast is sunny don’t forget your suncream, sunhat and sunglasses! Sunburn will without a doubt ruin your festival experience.
While we’re on the subject of clothes, bring a bin bag so you can stuff your dirty clothes into it. They’ll probably be muddy and a bit stinky so being able to keep them separate from everything else will definitely be a benefit.
A torch is another item that will come in extremely handy when you’ve had a bit to drink and you’re trying to return to your tent at night. Make sure to bring spare batteries too!
A first aid kit will be useful, this isn’t something everyone needs so delegate someone in your group to be responsible for bringing this. 
Obviously it can’t work miracles, but if you happen to cut your finger and you need a plaster you’ll be much happier you brought some yourself rather than having to spend ages going to the site medic.
Bring enough cash to last you the duration of the festival. Campsite ATMs have crazy queues and charges – you don’t want to waste your time taking out an extra €20 when you could be seeing your favourite band live!
Photo: Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr