Top five budget beauty buys

Everyone loves affordable make-up and beauty tools. I have compiled a list which has my top five favourite beauty buys ever, with only one exceeding €10. So, treat yourself to that make-up splurge you’ve been dreaming of. Or better yet, why not show this list to your significant other as a hint for Valentine’s Day presents? Most items below won’t break the bank.
1. Beauty Blender
Penney’s do a great cheap version of these little egg like blenders, which have taken the make-up world by storm. Perfect for “beating your face”, they can be used for a variety of make-up steps, for example: applying foundation, blending your highlighter and contour, and setting your face with pressed powder. I recommend Penney’s version but they are quite tricky to clean; usually I attempt to wash mine once or twice and end up throwing it out. If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, Real Techniques do a good one too, which should be available in Boot’s nationwide.
Price: Penney’s: €1.50 / Real Techniques: €8
2. Make-up brush cleaner
This handy tool will ensure that your make-up brushes are never filthy again. This little pink rubber scrubbing board ensures that all the bristles are thoroughly clean so your make-up can glide on easily. It is so important to clean make-up brushes, otherwise bacteria can grow on them, which in turn spreads germs onto our faces which can cause acne. I highly recommend this little gem, it’s become a staple in my make-up bag.
Price: €1.50
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette
While this is an expensive eye shadow palette, you really get your money’s worth. With twelve different shades to choose from there’s something here for everyone. The subtle browns of Naked and Buck are perfect for daytime, while the glittery gold of Half Baked and dark black of Creep look amazing on nights out. The pigmentation of the colours are of such quality, they last throughout the day and well into the night with minimal re-application. The brush included is great for blending the shades together too. I wold strongly recommend making this investment, it’s a beauty staple. It’s available from most Debenham’s.
Price: €47.50
4. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
Definitely my favourite liquid eyeliner. It comes in a little tube with a pointed brush applicator. The eyeliner stays on for ages, it will take a sturdy eye make-up remover to get this off. This product is really great way to make your eyes pop. Practice makes perfect with this, as liquid eyeliner can be daunting for people who aren’t used to it. But it’s not all messy black smudges. There are great tutorials online about how to perfect the perfect eyeliner flick, so get your cotton pads and make-up remover out and keep attempting until you get it right.
Price: €7.49
5. Penney’s fake eyelashes
I was only converted to using fake eyelashes this year. I was always scared of them, worried that I would accidentally glue my eyelids together. But fear not, it is actually a lot easier to apply than I originally thought. I recommend getting a strong glue like DUO Striplash White glue (€6 in Penney’s). This glue is of a better quality than the Penney’s glue included in the pack. Don’t be alarmed if the glue comes out white, it will dry clear. My favourite lashes are the P.S. Natural lashes. They are handy for any night out and inexpensive so one or two uses out of them is going good. They really make the eyes stand out, especially in pictures. All for virtually nothing too.