Top 10 under €10

Beauty doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. You don’t have to have Clinique moisturisers and Chanel foundations to look your best. As long as you know what you’re doing, there is always a high street alternative to some of those pretty pricey products available if you shop around.

Here is our top 10 under €10:


If it’s dry skin you have and a rich moisturiser you seek, don’t forget that baby moisturisers are a cheap and cheerful alternative. Johnson’s baby lotion is available in Boots for less than a fiver and I have even seen it on the shelves of pound shops.

Don’t let fancy labels and big words fool you, if it’s good enough for a baby’s sensitive skin, then it’s good enough for us. Not only that, but using baby moisturiser will leave your skin with a gorgeous dewy finish.


A good mascara is essential to any make-up bag. For less than €10 you can pick up an exceptionally good Rimmel one. Their Volumeflash Scandaleyes is one of the best I’ve ever tried. The brush is nice and big and the colour doesn’t print off onto the skin under your eyes. There’s no clumping and it’s great for layering. It definitely deserves more praise than it gets.

Make Up Remover 

Putting make-up on is one thing, but taking it off is another. If you don’t remove your make-up properly at night time your skin will not thank you for it.

Make-up wipes or baby wipes do not remove all your make-up. They simply smudge it around your face only removing a thin layer. Then you go to bed and rub your face all over your pillow and the excess oil and make-up then transfers onto your pillow. Sound pretty? Didn’t think so.

You don’t need to go spending loads on fancy make-up removers, but anything other than wipes will suffice. Silcocks Base or Aqueous cream are completely basic emollient creams. They’re thick and gloopy and feel like heavy moisturisers (which they are) but they’re fantastic for removing make-up. You can buy them in any chemist for less than €5.

Simply wet your face and then a face-cloth with warm water. Take a generous amount of the cream and rub it all around your face and eyes. This lifts all the make-up from your skin. Then using the damp cloth, you rub all the cream off and voila! Make-up free skin.

Follow up with a nice dollop of baby moisturiser and you’re ready for bed feeling fresher than a baby’s bum.


Exfoliation is key to healthy skin. Did you know that you shed millions of skin cells every day? It’s natural for your body to shed dead skin, but sometimes it needs a helping hand.

Penneys have exfoliation gloves for just €2.50. They are exactly that – gloves. While you are in the shower you pop these bad boys on and lather up. Using your own hands, rub your body in circular motions to take away any dead skin.

Exfoliation is the key to streak-free fake tan and evenly spread make-up, as there’s no product build up in dry areas, however a rough exfoliation can also lead to dry, taut skin, so don’t forget to moisturise after.

Lip Balm 

Lip balm is a necessity. Nobody wants dry, chapped lips. Not only are they unsightly, but they hurt too. Carmex lip products are great for moisturising sore lips and also protects them from harsh weather conditions. Pick it up in your local chemist for less than a fiver.

Nail Polish 

Love having colourful nails but can’t afford Shellac every two weeks? Catrice has got your back. They have a line of nail varnishes that shine like a gel manicure. They’re less than €3 in chemists and Penneys. They stock a range of colours and at that price, you could pick up a good few of them for less than a Shellac manicure.

Catrice also have a sensational range of lipsticks that could be easily mistaken for MAC. Again at a ridiculously cheap price, these lipsticks are of a really high standard and are strongly pigmented.


Rimmel’s Wake Me Up concealer is only €6.99 and it is a great dupe for MAC studio fix concealer. It has got great coverage and it doesn’t crease if you’re using it under your eyes. The colour selection isn’t the best, but if you can find one that matches your skin tone, you won’t regret it.


NYC have bronzers for less than five euro that really exceeded my expectations. They’re very pigmented and it’s nice and cheap, so you can bronze your whole body without feeling guilty. There’s a choice between matte and glittery so it suits everyone. It’s also great for doing some light contouring.


H&M have a fantastic line of make-up brushes for sale. They’re affordable and great quality. With most of them priced at less than five euro, it’d be rude not to try them out. The angled stippling brush for foundation spreads make-up really evenly and without streaks, while their eyeshadow brushes are of a seriously high standard and are a cheaper alternative to the Real Techniques brushes. Definitely a make-up bag essential.


Even make-up artists love a good bargain. They love to find a good Essence eyeshadow or a L’oreal foundation. Don’t be taken in by extreme marketing and colourful packaging. A bit of online research could see you get a perfectly acceptable make-up bag at an even more acceptable price.

Photo: Maria Casacalenda/ Flickr