The Makeup Fairy Talks Blogging, Obsessions and Her New Line of Make-up Brushes

Makeup fanatics rejoice. Joanne Larby, aka ‘The Make Up Fairy’, has released a set of 12 gorgeous makeup brushes, just in time for Christmas.

The luxurious Tiffany blue and rose gold brushes come in a rose bronze star case, complete with a strap that functions as a handbag. These brushes are the first product to be released as part of her ‘Enchant by Joanne Larby’ line.

Author, blogger, model and brand ambassador Joanne leads an incredibly busy life. caught up with the Dublin blogger to find out more about her brushes and get an insight into her life.

Firstly, did starting out as a MUA help Joanne in creating such beautiful brushes? Without a doubt. She says some people following her recently might have been surprised that she released beauty products first instead of something more fitness focused. But this has always been a dream of hers. Releasing her own brushes has given her the opportunity to have cruelty free brushes with the perfect hair type, function and colour that she always dreamed of using while working.

Joanne began her professional career as a makeup artist before becoming a Montessori teacher for a more steady salary, while still freelancing as a MUA. She originally began her blog about three years ago just to promote her make up artistry but left teaching when her blog blew up. It’s incredible that a blog that she said only her mum and her friends used to read now has risen to an international readership of 300,000.

The colours of the brush were picked for very sentimental reasons; the shade of blue because she absolutely loves swimming in the sea, and the peach was the colour of the first jumper her granny knitted her. How adorable is that? She tells us the name Enchant also fits into her original branding of T’he Make Up Fairy’, as to enchant means to have someone dream and have someone under enchantment, so it’s all very magical.

Three things Joanne is currently obsessed with besides her brushes?

“Unicorns -I ride horses so when I was younger I always wanted a horse and I loved fairies and magic and mythological creatures. Basically if I could have any animal, it would be a unicorn.”

The second is the infamous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

“It’s just absolutely phenomenal and out of all the brands I would have worked and dealt with as a MUA, I just always find myself coming back to it because it works best with my skin.”

Her last obsession is something we’ve been seeing all over our instagrams; MissFit Tea.

“At the moment because I’m at the end of my cruise I’m kind of in a stage where my diet hasn’t been great. Also I’ve been so busy with the brand, I haven’t been able to eat as well as possible and MissFit Tea has been saving my life. I’ve been eating crap and it definitely helps with my bloating and digestion that I’ve created myself through eating poorly for the past while.”

Larby’s dedication to updating her social media accounts, inviting her followers into her life as well as her bubbly, silly, honest manner is why people relate to Joanne and love her so much. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and works incredibly hard. This has been recognised through the many awards she has received over the years.

Joanne says her type of work can be very isolating and people often don’t know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, therefore whether she wins or not, she appreciates all of her hard work being recognised.

Joanne can’t reveal much about her future projects but tells us she is filming something to do with fitness for the New Year and that we can expect more things to be added to the Enchant line in the future.