The ever changing fashion trends

We are all guilty of being a bit of a sheep at times – or simply prone to changing our minds, as us humans tend to do – and so we give into some fashion trends we thought we never would.
The other side of this is also ending up wearing something you first wore as a child. As a six year old, I was a big fan of choker necklaces (God knows why) and was also the proud owner of several pairs of dungarees and a denim jacket, things I now regularly see on girls around campus.
Trends certainly come and go and with my own sudden realisation a few weeks back that over-the-knee boots are here to stay for at least another winter, I thought I’d put together a list of trends that many of us now wear when we probably thought we wouldn’t.
The revival of skirts 
I’d say in the recent past nearly every girl reading this has bought a skirt that is either suede, quite short, has a zip or buttons down the front, or all of the above. 
For a good while there, the body-con and skater skirt had taken over, but now this more old-school skirt style is in high demand. There’s definitely a bit of a 70s/90s mash up going on in skirt world – the suede numbers are very 70s chic and the tartan skirts I’ve seen are very similar to that rocked by Clueless heroine, Cher Horowitz. 
Regardless, I’m glad to see skirts such as these back in action – they’re so versatile and can transition effortlessly from day to night wear.
Over the knee boots
Last year, I affectionately called these hooker boots and the only way you’d get me into a pair would be if I was dressing up as Vivian from Pretty Woman. 
This year, I’ve changed my tune and have several outfits planned out for when I save enough money to purchase a pair.
Colourful runners 
So amongst friends I’m known for being pretty scathing towards someone wearing a pair of luminous yellow runners, but I have to say I’m pretty partial to my maroon and blue New Balances. 
In years gone by runners were strictly for exercise, but now there’s no denying they are the basis of nearly every college student’s outfit day to day. 
They’re comfy for the walk into college and we’re all so accustomed to how they look, we don’t think twice anymore about someone wearing a clunky sports shoe with a tight pair of jeans.
Flared jeans
Yes, they’re back. And although many girls still favour their trustee skinnies, the flared jean is definitely a current staple in many a wardrobe.
They can look a lot better than one would imagine (I think perhaps we all just associate them with 70s popstars) and can be teamed with a blouse, fur gilet and clunky heels or wedges for a very on-trend look.
Sheep-skin jackets 
Although leather and denim are always going to be a safe bet, sheep skin jackets are actually gaining a lot of popularity which goes to show that people are more into this 70s revival than I first thought. 
I imagined noses being turned up at the light brown colour, but it seems many people are embracing their inner Penny Lane from Almost Famous and working this trend both in college and on nights out.