The best liquid lipsticks for spring/summer

It’s a challenging task, to try and find a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips. I have come to expect at this stage that a little dryness is part and parcel of having matte lips; taking care of your lips, exfoliating them occasionally and using lip primer before application will help to reduce dryness and is a worthwhile effort to add to your beauty routine. As for the best liquid lipsticks to use for matte lips that last here are my top picks of brands and colours that are great for a summer feel.
Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour €22
Mac define themselves as artists of the lip and I can’t disagree; long before liquid lipstick was a thing, Mac lipsticks were the go to for cremeshene lips and now that there has been a shift towards a matte finish look, they have provided with the Retro Matte liquid lipcolours.
Of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried, they dry the lips out the least and they are very highly pigmented which is a quality of high importance in the world of makeup; they also have a satin finish that is light on the lips, which is what makes me adore them so much. They are available in a wide range of colours, from nudes to deep purples to shocking reds, making them suitable for a number of different occasions.
I find that they are quite durable and last most of the day; if your lipstick comes off after eating or drinking, you can reapply the lipstick and it won’t form a ‘cakey’ type feel on your lips, as is the case with many other lip products. It only starts to come off naturally after you’ve gotten a good day’s wear out of it, so it is an all-round top lipstick in my opinion.
‘Quite the Standout’ is a vibrant orange lip colour that is perfect for summer days to add a splash of colour to your face; especially when it is hot outside and you want to wear minimal foundation; you can still stand out when you’re wearing less. ‘Divine Divine’ is a bright pink that will compliment your summer wardrobe of floral dresses and cute straw hats perfectly.
At a pricey €22 euro, it is an investment, but as far as I’m concerned, it is a worthwhile one.
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick €21
This month, Kat Von D came to Ireland for the highly anticipated opening of her new makeup counter in Debenhams. Before, we were only able to order Kat Von D products from the Debenhams website, but now, thankfully, the products are in store to test out before buying and I think many people are going to be delighted to discover the Everlasting liquid lipsticks.
They come in a range of exciting colours, from burnt orange shade ‘A-Go-Go’ to lavender shade ‘Ayesha’, so they are very much special occasion colours for the most part, but there are also a range of nudes which are perfect for every day wear. ‘Soft Coral’ is a nice light shade for those summer days that is a bit different from your average pinks so you’ll still stand out and ‘Bright Lavender’ is a fun colourful shade to try if you’re feeling like experimenting.
I got my first Everlasting liquid lipstick in New York, so I’m so excited to be able to get my hands on more; they have a creamy formula which dries into a matte finish and they have good lasting qualities. The packaging is beautiful; a long tube with gothic designs on the top and bottom; I think these will definitely appeal to makeup lovers who like to experiment with bright colours and pigmentation.
They are €21 euro each.
NYX Lip Lingerie €9
If you want to go for a more affordable, every day liquid lipstick, I think NYX offer the best option in the form of their ‘Lip Lingerie’ collection. They also have a liquid suede collection, but in comparison, I find the former to be more long-lasting.
The colours available range from warm-toned browns and nudes to blush pinks and autumnal oranges; they are very classic, elegant, every-day colours- perfect for work or college and casual nights.
For a light summery shade from this collection, I would pick ‘Dusck to Dawn’ which is a nude colour with a hint of orange to give it that bit of fun/ summery edge and ‘Silk Indulge’ which is a light, playful pink.
I find they dry the lips out more than the two products I’ve already mentioned, but they do give an intense matte finish, so if that is what you’re aiming for, dryness is a price you have to pay; I would definitely recommend exfoliating the lips before using this product which will help to reduce this.