Summer fashion preview

Summer BBQs, festivals, day-time drinks and nights out that last forever. There’s a lot to be said for having an entire three months off college. But we here at Campus fashion are so excited to share some of the hottest fashion trends for this coming season.
Fringes are going to be everywhere this summer. Boho-lovers are going to love embracing this one. Whether it’s tops, skirts, dresses or playsuits, prepare to see fringes introduced into almost every attire. While black and tan are the most common colour to introduce some fringe into your wardrobe, we say why not embrace the trend with a bold colour statement piece, like a hot pink, tassel shoulder bag?
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All things 70’s
Following on from the fringes, it looks like this coming season is set to showcase some of the best from the seventies. Embrace your inner Mila Kunis in That 70’s Show, with some suede, retro-stripes, mesh, and palazzo pants.
Floral prints are set to stay this summer and will be one of the prettiest fashion trends this season. Why not introduce a cute floral headband like this one from, for the perfect festival piece?
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Crop tops 
Baring your midriff in a crop top is one of the easiest summer trends to pull off. Not necessarily just for the “skinny” girl, crop tops can flatter any figure as long as you’re careful in what you wear on the bottom. If you’re conscious about your mid-section, then opt for something high-waisted on the bottom, like a pretty, flowy maxi skirt.
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White jeans 
White jeans are a trend that have gone in and out of fashion for years. But this summer, white jeans are very much on trend. There’s nothing quite like a clean, crisp pair of white jeans on a sunny day. Whether you’re partial to a pair of Adidas Gazelles, strappy sandals or girly gladiators, white jeans are, in our opinion, a perfect statement piece to dress up or down.
Powder blue
Pastel colours have become a prominent fashion trend over the last few seasons, but I for one can’t get enough powder blue in my life. From handbags to statements necklaces to dresses; this colour is everywhere right now.
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Mom jeans 
Mom jeans have been very popular of late and it looks like they’re here to stay. Whether you wear them with a white crop top like Kieza in the video for Hideaway or a vintage shirt you picked up at a market; mom jeans can take you straight from day drinks to a club. 
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