Review: lush facemasks

Whether you are in Cork or Dublin, there is no escaping the unmistakable waft that floats through the doors of Lush Cosmetics. 
Ranging in products such as bath bombs, lip scrubs, body bars and so on, I took a look at three of their facemasks to discover if using natural ingredients really is the way forward.
The first mask I tried was ‘Cupcake’. The description reads, “Chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin”, containing cocoa butter, linseed, cocoa powder, peppermint, spearmint and sandwood oils.
I can honestly say, it feels and looks as good as it sounds. And yes, my face really did smell like chocolate for the entire day after smoothing a large helping of this on my skin. 
In fact, I chose not to wear foundation or powder after a ten minute soak in Cupcake, my skin felt extremely soft and looked as though I had just treated myself to a facial.
Next up is ‘Cosmetic Warrior’. This mask is intended for skin prone to break-outs and helps to smooth any blemishes. If you want to feel and look super fresh and clean, then Cosmetic Warrior is the one for you.
Containing antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree oil, kaolin and anti-bacterial honey, this natural mix is sure to cleanse away the stress and oils of the day, perfect for unwinding after a busy exam season. 
I personally like this one after a grueling day of work, to ensure my pores are unclogged and my skin gets the TLC it deserves.
‘Oatfix’ is a nice, neutral mask that can be applied on a weekly basis. It cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised and fresh. This is my personal favourite.
With a mix of bananas, vanilla, oats and ground almonds it smells good enough to eat. Yes, my skin did smell like a banana and vanilla smoothie, and yes, I did have friends coming up to unashamedly smell my face.
These are three fantastic products, while the staff in Lush stores are beyond compare when it comes to customer service and helpfulness. 
Each member has a recommendation at the tip of their tongue, no matter the inquiry, so be sure to have a good chat with them about your skin type, and what you’re looking for.
Each of these masks, along with the rest of Lush products, have been mixed and formulated in the Lush kitchen, with absolutely no chemicals involved, and a strict no animal testing policy. 
To pick up any of these delicious, good-enough-to-eat facemasks, pop into one of their stores in either Dublin, Cork or Belfast.