Key pieces for your christmas wardrobe

Christmas time is filled with plenty of parties and events, it can be pretty hard to keep your wardrobe ready for the party season. With the simple trick mix & matching some key pieces in your closet you will be ready for whatever last minute event your invited to. We have chosen are key pieces for the festive season and shared some ideas of how you could style them.
1. Shoe, shoes, shoes.
Shoes can be the make or break of any ensemble, but we all know they can be far too expensive to get multiple pairs to match every outfit. The key to mastering this – and not having to spend half your present budget on shoes – is to invest in a simple pair that you love. By simple, I mean something with not too much detail and doesn’t stand out. This tip allows you to re-wear the shoes and no one will even know. I have picked these silver metallic strappy heels from River Island that are €53.00. Perfect to go with nearly any outfit and won’t break the bank.
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2. Trousers.
These will be your secret weapon when it comes to Christmas parties. They are a little bit more dressy than your average black skinny jeans and add a touch of sophistication to your look. You can dress these trousers up with a sequin top and some strappy high heels or you could simply wear they with an oversized shirt and some ankle booths for a more casual look. I love these tuxedo trousers from New Look for just €29.99. Super simple to style but you won’t be lost in a sea of skinny jeans.
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3. The Jumpsuit.
This is the biggest trick I have up my sleeve when it comes to last minute parties. The jumpsuit is your knight in shining armour this festive period, it’s so simple to just throw on and you can style it in so many different ways. Shoes, jewellery and a jacket can make this simple staple a show stopper. I just adore this one from Zara with slight frills and long sleeves for €39.95. The long sleeves add some interest to the piece yet it is simple enough to dress up.
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These tips will make sure you are the best dressed at all the parties you are attending this festive season. Simple is always best when mix and matching but also allow your own style to run through.