How to make your make-up last all day

If there’s one thing April signifies, it’s the races. Over the next few days, many of us will be suited and booted and partying from day to night. So here’s how to make sure your makeup stays fresh, from your drawer to the dance floor.
There’s nothing worse on a night out than making a trip to the little girls room and discovering that your makeup has melted from your face. Makeup is one of those can’t live with it, can’t live without it things for me so over the years as my skin changed, I’ve learned how to make my makeup last all day and night. With the end of the academic year looming, student events will be rife over the next few weeks so here’s a few tips for making your glam makeup look last all day.
The most important thing is to make sure that you look after your skin. Our skin is an organ andm like all other organs, if we neglect our skin then it will suffer. A good exfoliator and cleanser will work wonders for your skin. The key is finding a good moisturiser to suit your skin type. For dry skin, to help with the lack of water in your skin, dry skin moisturisers will have higher oil, wax and water content to help rebalance the moisture in the skin. For oily skin, use a gel moisturiser to rejuvenate the skin without leaving a heavy layer sitting on the surface. For those with combination skin, use a light gel cream which provides both water and oil needed to replenish skin.
  • The first step when applying makeup is to use a good smoothing primer that will create a base for your makeup to glide on and set on your skin. In my experience with primers, the best I have used is the Fuschia Velvet Veil primer which retails at €18.50. The primer fills pores to give your foundation a photo finish look. A cheaper alternative for a good primer is the W7 Prime Magic which usually retails in most pharmacies for €5-€7. You wouldn’t build a house without foundations and expect it to survive the test of time, so why treat your makeup routine any differently?
  • After applying foundation, you should seal with a light face powder. For a full coverage look you can opt for a coloured powder to cover spots and blemishes. Be careful if applying powder, don’t go overboard as this can result in a cakey look! Only apply powder to the zones that really need it, i.e. your T-Zone to avoid a dull look.
  • To seal your under eye makeup and cover dark shadows, use a yellow toned concealer to neutralize the purple shadows under eyes. To set the concealer, use a translucent loose powder and ‘bake’ under your eyes to set the makeup so that it won’t budge for the day.
  • The final tip for sealing your glam look all day is to set with a good Setting Spray. The spray that I use is from Makeup Revolution, their Pro Fix Oil Control setting spray locks your makeup in place and prevents smudging even in wet or humid weather.



  • The trick for making eye makeup last all day is to use an eyeshadow primer to hold your pigment in place. Urban Decay and Benefit are both good brands for eyeshadow primers but if you don’t want to splash the cash. Catrice also have their own version of eyeshadow primer and are available in Penneys around the country as well as most pharmacies.
  • Mascara is a nightmare to keep fresh all day and often after a few hours you will notice some crumbly fall out under the eyes. The best way to make sure your mascara lasts all day is to (you guessed it) PRIME! Penneys have just released their PS Makeup Mascara primer which gives your lashes hydration to help lock in mascara all day and also prevents the clumping effect that some mascaras provide!
  • A lot of people like to wear false lashes to complete a full glam makeup look but after a while, strip lashes start to lose their grip as the glue loses its stickiness. The best way to make your false lashes last all day is to use a good glue, not the small tube that comes with the lashes. Duo is the glue of choice for MUA’s all over the world and in my opinion is hands down the best for making lashes stay put all day (take it from a lash addict, trust me), and for €5.50 in Penneys you can’t go wrong! Another small change that will help your lashes last longer is to trim the strip into 2 or 3 sections and apply each section separately. The smaller the strip, the easier it is to stick. There’s nothing worse than a strip lash starting to fall off at the corners! I find that the penneys cluster individual lashes (€1.50) are the best to create a dramatic look that lasts!
  • Apply a lipbalm underneath your lipstick to provide a smooth surface, this is especially important when using liquid or matte lipsticks as they can be particularly drying on your lips. Applying a base will keep your lips looking fresh and vibrant all day.