How They Came to be: Vera Wang

When it comes to creating a fashion legacy it seems that some famous names appear overnight, born to be design superstars. However, this is not always the case.

Take a look at Vera Wang, for instance, a talented designer who found a place in fashion history through her creative interpretations of modern bridal wear.

Her beginnings did not start in design, which takes us on an interesting journey to how Wang found her true calling in life.

Born in America in 1949, the young Wang had a passion for figure skating, which she continued for several years before failing to be chosen for the 1967 Olympics team, according to the Famous Fashion Designers website.

During this time she also studied art history and was educated in Paris as well as in America.

Through her studies, Wang became interested in fashion. She then became a temporary assistant in Vogue and, over time, progressed to senior fashion editor, a position she held for 15 years. She later joined Ralph Lauren as director of design.

When Wang was 40 years of age and planning to be married, according to Business of Fashion, she decided to create her own wedding dress — the first she had ever created.

From that point on, Wang became a household name in celebrity and high-end bridal wear, and she has designed dresses for Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, and countless others.

She has also created dresses for red carpet events worn by Sofia Vergara, Sandra Bullock, and Viola Davis.

Interestingly enough, however, in an interview with Business of Fashion, Wang stated: “people have done far better than me in far shorter periods of time, but that wasn’t my story”.

Wang emphasised that she was far from an overnight success and her empire, now worth a net profit of $1 billion, was created “brick by brick, client by client”.

With wedding gown boutiques across the world from New York to Tokyo and London to Australia, the Vera Wang brand has impacted the world of design and fashion forever.