Hot summer looks for 2013

Jelly Shoes

Although the ‘90s revival is on its last legs, jelly shoes are a piece of nostalgia that will brighten your summer wardrobe. But remember, don’t leave them out in the sun, or they will revert into their original sticky mush.

They are a bit over-priced in high-street stores (for what they are). Topshop sell them at about €25 and American Apparel have them priced at €34. If you’ve got a small foot search the kid’s isle in department stores like Debenhams and Next for a bargain.

Fruit patterned clothing

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This works particularly well with clothes tailored to ‘50s style (crop-tops, bodices, peddle-pushers etc). Pineapples and pears are particularly striking against neutral backgrounds. This pattern also works well in contrast with other loud prints like gingham, polka-dots and check.


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Dungarees, shorts, skirts, skorts, jorts, rompers, overalls dresses, EVERTHING denim. I’m still flogging the dead ‘90s revival horse, but denim after all is a classic and for summer 2013. Denim comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. Dungarees are a particular favourite found in almost any high-street store, but do search second-hand shops for good quality designer ones like Tommy Hilfiger and Levi. Cut the legs off a big old pair for a DIY dungarees set of jorts. (JORTS.)

Flower Crowns

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Lana Del Rey wears them, therefore you should wear them. You can buy them from for about €16. They are more expensive in River Island at €25 each and Urban Outfitters sell them for a whopping €69/€75. But why not make your own one? Here’s a tutorial.

Coloured eyebrows

You’re no-one without giant eyebrows these days and what better way to accentuate them than with a bold colour for summer. From mint to violet, coloured eyebrows work with pastel shades as well as vibrant hues. To create the look with dark eyebrows start with a layer of white face paint for best results. Then apply the chosen colour you can use eye shadow or coloured eyeliner or both.