Head-wrecking fixes to help you feel festival fabulous

Heading to a festival doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re heading to a lock-down disaster! 
If, like many, you feel a little nervous rocking a scraped back up-do, or just want to find a way to embrace the festival vibes and let your locks fly without fear of lurking greasy roots, then look no further than these 5 steps. 
These steps will sort out the roots of your head-banging crisis and have you living in the locks-of-luxury for the festival weekend!
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
Prepping your hair is key to keeping it a simple and manageable task for the weekend. To do this, use a deep conditioning treatment and clarifying shampoo in the days leading up to it. 
My favourites for this are Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle and Mega Shampoo as they leave hair feeling smooth and fragrant. 
Volumising shampoo is perfect for the ‘final wash’ before you set off, as it will give your hair lift without product build up at the roots. 
L’Oreal Elvive Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner do the job as they rinse out easy and without drying out the hair as well as having a fresh salon-standard scent that lasts.
Avoid using hairspray or mousse if you want your hair wash to last. Instead, use your blow dryer and a barrel brush to create volume and a hair oil sparingly on dry ends. 
Curling your hair and letting it cool in pin curls will leave you with strong curls that will fade to loose waves. Avoid straightening the hair if it is prone to oiliness or frizz, as you want to keep maintenance to a minimum.
SOS: save our scented-locks
This hair tip will help you conquer the hair catastrophe aftermath of a night out or a day spent commuting to work or college. 
Hair can absorb the scents of its surroundings leaving it smelling smokey and feeling heavy after a long day in the elements. 
To remedy this, a little prep the night before will help disguise stale cigarette scents and spilled drink stenches.
After partying and swaying the night away, you’ll be wrecked as you long to climb into your tent to catch a couple hours of beauty sleep, but just before you hit the hay, take a minute to spray some dry shampoo on your hair lengths. 
Then, apply a little of your favourite perfume or water based body mist to your hands and lightly scrunch your lengths. Give your hair a good brush with your head upside down and plait it away from your face.
The dry shampoo will soak up oils as you sleep ready to be brushed out in the morning, and the plait will save some texture and style, while also keeping your hair away from your face and its oils. 
You can try a fishtail braid if you’ve the peppiness for it at 4am, and it’ll have a nice, messy texture after you have slept on it so that you can get up straight away and rock the next day!
Sleep, rave, rinse, repeat
If you don’t want to waste your time washing your hair or haven’t a shower to use, then a DIY hair mist will be your saviour. 
A little natural oil is remedy for your locks and can look beachy and boho, but a festival and all its scents will most likely leave your locks smelling stale. 
Chanel do a glorious scent specifically for hair, but at a price that makes our pockets weep. Instead I like to make my own hair mist using a clean empty spray bottle. 
Take a few drops of witch hazel and mix it with a little leave in conditioner. It must be 3 parts bottled water to 1 part witch hazel and conditioner (bottle water will be softer on the hair then tap water) and shake it up. 
The witch hazel will soak up the oils in your hair and the conditioner will leave a nice scent. Spray it all over your hair upside down and rub it through. 
Style as you wish or leave it to dry naturally, and hey presto, you’re as fresh as a daisy. You can use some witch hazel on cotton wool on your roots to leave them feeling refreshed and cleansed.
Singing in the rain
Getting caught in the rain is usually a girl’s worst nightmare when she’s trying to avoid a soggy look, but at a festival make the most of the free shower! 
If it starts to pour, let your locks loose and shake it out as you dance on! Run your fingers through it to keep it from getting knotty and brush it if you get the chance while it’s soaking. 
Let it dry naturally without brushing it out as it dries then, as rainwater is naturally cleansing because it is purer and will leave your hair soft and fluffy. If you frizz up, use a little dry shampoo to touch it up and style as required. 
Glitter, glitter, everywhere?
Glitter is a fun accessory to wear and share at any music festival, so why not use it on your hair? If your parting is getting greasy on the last day, make the most of it and have a little wild fun! 
Use a little hair wax and pat it on your parting. Then take a glitter power or vibrant glitter eyeshadow and pat it onto the parting. 
You can use it around the roots framing your face for an ethereal, galactic fairy look. Gold, rose gold, copper and silver work best for dark hair whilst strong colours make blondes pop! Think of it as a lasting head piece and compliment the hair with glittery eyes or cheeks! 
Remember, a festival is where you can experiment without worrying what people think, so have fun with your style!
All products mentioned are available from Boots and many leading pharmacies nationwide.