Five beauty habits to give up for lent

Every year, we all make the commitment to give up at least one thing in our everyday life that has a hold on us, for the goodness of our health, for Lent. Whether its chocolate, smoking or pledging to drink more water, before we know it we have hopped off the wagon and are back indulging; it’s pretty pathetic.
And although some people like to ignore Lent in general, it can be beneficial to give up things that are holding you down, whether you’re religious or not.
However, if you’re a beauty/makeup lover like myself, then why don’t you decide to give up something different? Something that has the possibility to last the forty days and forty nights of Lent. Beauty habits you have acquired or even better, take on some new beauty traits that will make your makeup ten times better.
1. The Hoarding Needs to Stop
We all are guilty of this; over packing our makeup bag so much that it’s overflowing with unused lipsticks and empty eyeliner pots. This Lent, do a full spring clean – give up on hoarding everything you think you may need during the day and start to de-clutter. Empty the contents of your makeup bag and only put back in the absolute essentials; that way, you are getting full use of the products inside and your handbag is just a little bit lighter. Also, make sure to keep it exciting by switching out different products every so often.
2. Stop Neglecting Your Skin
It can be so easy to neglect that amazing skin of yours. With over packing the foundation on in the early mornings and never really washing it off late at night, before we know it our skin can become dry/oily (depending on your skin), spotty and dirty. Give up neglecting your face; moisturise, facemask it up. Your makeup look will reflect the effort you’ve put in to cleaning that beautiful skin of yours.
3. Work on Your Craft
We all like to think we are own personal MUAs at times and it can be very, very easy to stick to that one simple makeup look. Give up playing it safe. Think outside the box with your night out looks, take time to really understand what you’re putting on your face and learn about the best possible way to use those products. Watching makeup tutorials can help a lot more than you might think. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Shaaanxo’, she really knows what she talking about.
4. Nail down a Nail look
Admit it, your nails are currently either chipped or falling apart. A lot of people like to think nails have no part in your beauty look, however at times they can be the best thing to tie in the finished piece. So this Lent, dedicate a time during the week to painting those nails a colour that’s going to brighten up your day and keep your beauty look intact.
5. Less Criticism More Self Love
If you can give up one thing this Lent, give up giving out about the worst parts of yourself. Your makeup will reflect the confidence you give yourself when applying it. So, compliment yourself, appreciate yourself. It will add a glow to your skin no highlight could ever achieve. Practice enhancing your best parts, so that your insecurities are left in the shadows and you can walk out the door feeling fabulous.