Can we go thrift shopping?

It was hip-hop artist Macklemore who catapulted ‘thrifting’ into the pop culture sphere in 2013, with his undoubtedly catchy song, Thrift shop. Second-hand shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and what was once deemed only socially acceptable for hipsters can now be enjoyed by everyone. Now whether that’s because we’re students, all short of money, or just following a popular trend is open for debate.

So what exactly is ‘thrifting’?

According to The Urban Dictionary, thrifting is, “when one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items.”

What I have gathered, is that the impression most people have of thrift-shopping is that it is solely done in charity shops – it’s not. Dublin has an extensive amount of thrift shops; the secret is knowing where to go.

Where do I start? Temple bar is home to an abundance of second-hand and vintage shops and is a great starting point. Temple Bar caters for everyone; from second-hand designer goods in Siopaella to re-worked vintage clothing from Tola Vintage.

If it’s second-hand Levis you’re after, Fresh in Temple Bar has you covered, and while you’re there, check out their quintessential 90s mom jeans.

Situated close to Temple Bar, Georges street is home to a large collection of charity shops that can be found as far up as Camden Street. St. Vincent’s charity shop, next to Pitt Bro’s on Georges Street, has a great vintage section upstairs where you can get re-worked Levi jeans for as little as €15.

However, you don’t need to travel into the city centre to grab a bargain. Kitten Doll & B, located on Thomas Street, is a small second-hand shop filled with the most marvellous trinkets, accessories and home-wear goods; as well as a massive collection of vintage and retro clothing.

9 Crow street, located on Ormond Quay – is my favourite go-to place for one-off second hand pieces. Maybe it’s not clothes you’re looking for? 9 Crow street has a huge range of unique jewellery and accessories that give a new lease of life to any outfit.

A quick word of advice though; be cautious, especially in charity shops. Most of the clothes are previously owned, and unfortunately, some shops do not clean/wash the clothes before re-selling. Give it a whiff – you’ll know.

Don’t expect to find vintage Chanel the first time you go thrifting; but if you look hard enough you will be able to spot the expensive labels. St Vincent’s charity shop on Aungier Street always stocks designer clothing and accessories: only last month I managed to get a Burberry scarf worth €98 for a fiver.

If you don’t live in Dublin however, never fear, because ASOS Marketplace has you covered. Check out the vintage boutique section on the site to uncover a world of vintage lovers heaven, without the designer price tag. The best part? You can thrift from the comfort of your own home.

To help you on your own thrifting journey, Campus Fashion has compiled a list of some of our favourite thrift shops around Dublin and what you can find in them:

Tola Vintage – 4 Upper Fownes St Basement, Temple Bar: re-worked wonders and lots of Fred Perry
Kitten Doll & B – Thomas Street: unique trinkets and vintage jackets
Fresh – Cope Street, Temple Bar: jeans galore
Harlequin – 13 Castle Market, Dublin 2: anything and everything retro
Shotsy Vintage – Unit 2, The Granary, Temple Lane South, Dublin 2: summer-ready outfits and the cutest bikinis
Dublin Vintage Factory – South William Street: glamorous faux-fur and silk shirts
St. Vincent’s warehouse– Malahide road: a bit of everything with some designer labels thrown in
Siopaella- 25 Temple Lane South, Temple Bar: unwanted designer treasures at a fraction of their original retail price
9 Crow Street- Ormond Quay: your one-stop shop for festival attire and designer brands