Bra enhancer or beauty blender?

No wasting product, an airbrushed finish and easy cleaning? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest beauty blender to reach our shores, the Silisponge.
Yes, this jelly-like oval shaped thing (that let’s be honest, resembles nothing short of a bra enhancer) is what the internet is calling the next best beauty blender.
Why, you may ask? According to creators of the silicone blender, Molly Cosmetics, the poreless surface of the product means that there is absolutely no soakage. The use of silicone and thermoplastic polyurethane, a plastic that is resistant to oil and grease, means that you can say goodbye to your beauty blender soaking up all of your makeup. So much so that the company claims you will only need half the amount of liquid or cream products compared to using a brush or a sponge.
And it doesn’t end there; not only is this beauty blender saving us a pretty penny on makeup, but it takes no more than soap and some warm water to clean it. Yep, you read that right, just your regular soap should do the trick or better yet, you can wipe it with your everyday make up remover.
The Silisponge requires nothing more than some circular motions or back and forth movements to spread the makeup evenly over the face. It bends into a pointed shape for easy blending of important features such as jawlines, hairlines and the eyes. It sounds like a dream and almost too good to be true.
While the Silisponge sounds like everything we have ever wanted in a beauty blender, I can’t help being a sceptic and it seems like some Reddit users feel the same.
“It seems like it would just smear it. I’d rather use my fingers,” said user ima-kitty, while another user argued that “all it does is ‘apply’ the foundation to your face, and you still have to buff it out with a brush or a sponge?”
However, despite all of the doubts, curiosity has the internet (and myself) fascinated with the fact that this simple piece of silicone and plastic could transform the future of makeup applications.
While Molly Cosmetics are currently sold out of the product, I have found another company that sell them for those interested in giving it a go. TRND beauty ( have their own version of the “revolutionary” silicone blender for sale for a reasonable €12.