Blog on a budget: how to show off your style while staying savvy

Maintaining your own personal style as a student can be painstaking, especially on a tight budget. We often find ourselves resorting to bulk buying “Penney’s finest” basics just so we can afford this week’s Aldi shop of 49c pasta and a litre of vodka.
Having virtually the same apparel as every other penny pinching girl on campus can get tiresome and often, we want to express our own individual flare without paying designer prices.
This is where fashion bloggers come in; an online legion of fashion forward females who show you how to rework and put together trend-setting ensembles at a fraction of the cost. Many of these girls have built an empire out of their own bedrooms, using their knowledge of beauty and fashion to inspire and style a nation. 
From British beauties, to home grown talent, Campus has put together the top names in the blogsphere.
Also known as Leanne Walker, this 25 year old, violet-haired vixen prides herself on pairing bargain buys with higher end pieces to complete her look. While watching her YouTube videos you’ll notice that Walker is no stranger to the high-street, and is a Primark fanatic, however she styles up her look with some edgy jewels and her trademark lavender locks.

Leanne is also a fan of, who offer a generous student discount for us college students who want to steal her unique style. Visit her blog here.

Siobhan McDonnell from Galway, will have your makeup on point this year. Her various YouTube tutorials range from natural day-to-day looks, to more sensual looks for when you’re feeling that little bit daring. Siobhan is a fan of budget brands such as Essence and Catrice and preaches the ethos that a girl doesn’t need big brands to have a flawless, professional look.

From perfecting that cat eye-liner to finding the foundation that suits you best, Siobhan’s videos are as close as we’ll get to having your very own makeup artist at your disposal. Visit her Youtube channel here.

Cork sensation Tara juggles being a design student in Belfast with running a highly successful blog and YouTube channel, with over 40,000 loyal followers waiting for her to impart her next piece of fashion wisdom. From catwalk inspired hair tutorials to seasonal look-books, Tara shows that being a student doesn’t mean you have to wear sweatpants daily.

Her looks are not only quick and easy to achieve, but are also functional and comfortable – perfect for a student on the go. Tara also offers a personal look into her life with recipe videos and the odd video blog, proving time and time again that she is an online friend, relatable and ready to help. Visit her Youtube channel here

Mancunian mastermind Victoria created an empire from small beginnings. Now a full time blogger, Victoria spent years lecturing in fashion after receiving her PHD in mobile fashion design.  A force to be reckoned with, she certainly has a top class sense of style. 

Whatever you’re looking for Inthefrow has it; from makeup to fashion, tanning to lifestyle, Victoria will not only guide you through college in style but also ensure you don’t break the bank in doing so.  If you’re searching for your perfect party dress and still want to have enough cash for a solid night out then Inthefrow is your one stop shop for inspiration. Visit her blog here.

Photo: Leanne Lim-Walker/ Facebook