Best berry lipsticks for the season

The arrival of November doesn’t just mean Brown Thomas lights, John Lewis ads, Christmas revision and icy footpaths. For anyone with an interest in makeup it also revives the berry lips. It’s the pivotal shade of the transition between Autumn and Winter, livening up our woolly jumpers and thigh high boot combos.
There are countless options to choose from. Between brands and shades, it could take years of experimenting to find the perfect fit. There’s a lot of investigating yet to do, but, so far, these are the best lipsticks I can count on and recommend.
My first is a Rimmel brand lipstick. It comes from the Kate Moss collection and is the shade 01. It’s the ideal go-to for a Hollywood red lip, vibrant and alluring. The shade seems to match almost any skin tone, giving a Snow White-esque vibe to pale skin, and highlighting the blush of a more tan tone. To get that preened to perfection look, I combine it with Rimmel Exaggerate 024 Red Diva lip liner. Both are affordable and long-lasting, with a consistency that feels as though it’s moisturising your lips.
If, on rare occasion, I happen to find myself without my trusty Rimmel, my other choice red lip option is Natural Collection’s Moisture Shine in Crimson. Even cheaper than the above, it’s a sound lipstick. Perhaps its staying power is slightly less, and the colour with a little less depth, but it remains a solid choice.
To go for the more typical berry look, with a plum shade rather than vibrant red, I again go for Rimmel. This time shade 30 is the colour. It has the same lasting power and
moisture as 01. This shade tends to suit those with yellow undertones in their skin, ie. those who look better in gold jewellery.
For those who find silver jewellery freshens them up much more, that is, those with pink undertones, a deeper wine shade is preferable. My own favourite is the Mac Viva Glam lipstick by Ariana Grande. Although rather on the pricey side, at the steeper end of high street, it’s a good investment. With matte consistency, it lasts for hours. As an added plus it contrasts to make your teeth look pearly white. However, the one drawback I experienced with it, is that it can cake to your lips and cling to dry skin after an hour or so. It requires occasional top-ups and Vaseline lip prep to avoid this, but is well worth it to maintain the striking colour.
Revlon have a decent shade that’s quite similar to Viva Glam. It’s 477, Black Cherry, and is only a slightly brighter tone. If you’re looking for something cheaper, it’s a good choice, but the lasting power and quality of colour is certainly not up to par. To liven it up, I opt for the equally cheap lip liner from Pennys in the shade 04. It matches up extremely well with the Revlon shade.
If you’re looking for something that bit more unusual, I would recommend another Mac lipstick, this time in the shade Heroine. It’s a purple with no wine or plum undertones. I match it with NYX eye/eyebrow pencil 0.04.0Z. Although it’s intended for your eyes, it’s the perfect shade to line with, and I’ve never experienced any issues with swapping the body part that it’s intended for. If there were ever a perfect lip set, I think this would get my vote. The quality, lasting power, and colour are so beautiful that it’s worth the extra splurge. Think cartoon grape colour – it’s that bright.
Finally, if you’re looking for a brand particularly for lasting power, Sleek’s Matte Me liquid lipsticks are phenomenal. In general my choice shades are Fandango Purple,
Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic. Berry-wise, however, Vino Tinto is the preferable option. It. Lasts. For. Hours. I had the misfortune of losing mine during the Rose of Tralee festival, and although I’d applied it that morning, it lasted well into the night. They do have the tendency to cake a little on the lips, but be sure to keep a small Vaseline handy and touch up whenever necessary. A steal at 6.99 in most pharmacies, they’re an absolute must-have.
From cranberry to grape, there’s a berry shade for everyone. If one of the above doesn’t take your fancy, nip in to the shops and investigate what other options are in each brand. We’re spoiled for choice with lipstick options, and so, this season, there’s no excuse not to sport a berry lip.