Beauty essentials for the gym

Wearing makeup to the gym or when you’re working out might not be the top of your to-do list. However, some people for whatever reason might want to wear makeup to the gym. So, I’m going to share some tips and tricks if you do want to wear some. Whether you’re trying to hide your patchy red face from your work out, or you simply just don’t feel comfortable not wearing makeup, I’ve got you covered with my top five beauty picks for gym goers.
1. Brows & Mascara.
This is probably going to be your go-to look for your work out. Filling in your brows or shaping them however you like will frame your face making it look less obvious you don’t have any makeup on. A defined brow will make you look more put together and not as though you’ve just rolled out of bed. A quick swipe of a waterproof mascara will give your eyes some definition without going OTT. Waterproof is probably best here as you don’t want it to run as you work up a sweat.

2. Concealer.
This is if you have any bags under your eyes, any blemishes you want to hide or a dark patch that you don’t feel comfortable showing off. Concealer will be your best friend. Making sure you have it matched pretty well to your skin tone apply it to the areas that you want to cover. Apply a small amount of setting powder to ensure it doesn’t budge.
3. BB Cream.
For those of you who want a little bit of coverage but don’t want to use a heavy foundation, BB creams are perfect. They are lightweight and feel fresh on the skin but still give you a bit of coverage. When selecting a BB cream you need to be really careful. Try to choose one that is oil-free as not to clog your pores and cause you to break out. I’m going to give you a bit of a biology lesson here – when we sweat our pores open which allows dirt to get in and may result in a spot. Using an oil-free moisturiser and BB cream when you work out may reduce this. I recommend the Maybelline “BB Fresh” cream as it contains no oils and comes at a very affordable price.

4. Tinted Lip Balm.
I know from personal experience that this weather can really dry out your lips. To avoid the whole dry cracked lips situation you are probably using a lip balm. However, a simple trick to give your lips a bit of colour is to get a lip balm with a hint of colour. This will give your lips a wash of colour without it feeling heavy and your also stopping your lips from becoming dry. Win, win I’d say.

5. Water, Water, Water.
I know this is supposed to be a gym beauty essentials article, but I promise after drinking tonnes of water on a regular basis you will really notice the difference. Water is great for your skin, hair and just your body in general and you will reap the rewards of such a small change. Honestly, this is the best tip I can give you regarding beauty. Your diet is a key part of your beauty routine.
So, with these tips, you will be starting the new year off with a bang at the gym. I know it can be hard and daunting but it will get easier after the first few times. Hang in there and keep going.