All about: eyelash extensions

Permanent fake eyelashes are becoming more and more popular with the day-to-day gal. Whether you’re a newbie to the trend, thinking of getting them, or caring for your own, we have the go-to guide for everything you need to know.
No makeup look is ever really complete without the perfect lashes to give your eyes that extra ‘va va voom’. For those not blessed with naturally voluminous, thick lashes, eyelash extensions work wonders for making your eyes pop. They are the answer to all of our beauty prayers, giving us an instant wide eyed look and eliminating the need for makeup at all. It is well known that our eyes are the window to our soul so why not give them a little extra TLC?
Here are the most important things you need to know about eyelash extensions:
Application and cost
Eyelash extensions are the holy grail of lash enhancement, once applied you will have fab lashes for weeks with zero effort and virtually no maintenance. There’s no denying that you can pay a hefty sum for the luxury of eyelash extensions (anywhere from €55-80) but quality doesn’t come cheap and you can be guaranteed that the cheaper options will never be as good as the professionals.
There are different types and styles of lashes to suit each person’s preference. Whether you want a classic natural look or a dramatic full effect, your lash technician can tailor a look to suit you. Lashes come in different lengths and curls so you can achieve pretty much any effect you desire.
The application generally takes about 1.5-3hrs, and if done right will last anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 6, or even 8 weeks. Your results depend on your natural lashes and your aftercare routine. The most important rule for lash application is to make sure your natural lashes are clean before your lash appointment, remove all mascara, glue or any other product to give your lashes the best chance. If you show up to your appointment with mascara on your lashes it can be a bit of a kick in the teeth to your technician who will then have to spend valuable time cleaning your lashes that could have been devoted to giving you the most fabulous set of lashes possible.
There are important rules to bear in mind when looking after your lash extensions, each of which will be drilled into you by your technician before you leave the salon.
* To give your lashes the best chance, don’t let them get wet for at least 48 hours after application. If showering, avoid getting water on your face. This allows the glue optimum drying time and will extend the time you will get out of your set of lashes.
* One of the most important rules when having eyelash extensions is to put the mascara away! Don’t touch your lash extensions with mascara or gel eyeliner as this can cause a clumping effect and will ruin your extensions. Lash extensions are designed to be a substitute for mascara so for the love of God keep it locked away!
* Avoid using oil based products on your lashes. The best makeup remover for eyelash extensions is from the Simple brand.
* Brush your lashes regularly with your mascara wand in an upwards motion, never downwards as this will pull the lashes and can harm the natural lash underneath.
* To keep your lashes as fleeky as possible for as long as possible return to your salon for refills 3-4 weeks after first application.
Their effect on natural lashes
If your extensions are applied and removed correctly, there should be little or no damage to your natural lashes. If applied correctly by a professional lash technician then your extensions can actually strengthen and encourage growth of your natural lashes. A widespread myth about lash extensions is that they cause lash loss, while this can be true of extensions applied incorrectly it isn’t true of those applied by an expert. Natural lashes have a natural shed cycle, with eyelashes having a lifespan of 60-75 days on average. Not all lashes will be at the same stage in their shed cycle at the time of extension application so it is completely normal to lose 1-3 lashes per day. Some days you may lose more or other days you may lose none, it all depends on your lashes natural shed cycle.
It’s important to note that you will lose your lashes naturally with or without extensions. Make sure to take care of your extensions properly and keep them clean and you won’t have to worry about infection or lash loss! It is completely normal for your natural lashes for feel a little bit dry after wearing lash extensions, just make sure to give them some extra attention and care and you’ll have nothing to worry about.