Campus Meets: Singer-Songwriter Katie Gallagher

Juggling college, work and play can be hard at the best of times – let alone when you’re releasing new music. We got the chance to speak to Katie Gallagher about how she manages it.

1. First off, for those who don’t know who, can you tell us about yourself?

Well, I’m Katie Gallagher, 21 and from Ballymahon, Co. Longford, currently studying Music and Religious Education in DCU, which would formally be Mater Dei. I’ve been playing music ever since I was a toddler – music was always in the house from my mother and my grandparents. It was in TY when I first performed an original song in front of people when I really took the songwriting seriously and in my first semester of college I started the music page on Facebook and have just been pushing it since then!

2. Your new single is ‘Man on a mission’, what is the story behind that?

“Man On A Mission” is an upbeat anthem telling the story of the typical lad on a night out (one I’m sure we all know!) always chasing after a girl – or girls if he’s brave! It’s from the perspective of a friend telling another friend to watch out for him (as is portrayed in the official music video which is live now on Youtube). It was written with the aim of being a fun ‘boppy’ song, that gets everyone up and dancing! It’s also a big contrast from my debut single, “Two Runaways”, which went to #1 on the iTunes country charts. It shows a brand new side to me that I’m delighted to be released to the world!

3. You’re going on tour, is that both exciting and nervous feeling?

I’m petrified for the tour but equally excited! The ‘On A Mission’ Tour has three dates in Dublin, 2 dates in Longford (the second one added by popular demand), one date in Chez Le Fab in Limerick, one in Galway in Róisín Dubh and one in Tricky’s Sligo – with some yet to be confirmed! Tickets are on sale now for the Cat and Cage gig, The Bog Lane Theatre gig in Ballymahon and tickets can be bought at the door for Foleys and Roisin Dubh. I just hope that people show interest and spend the money on tickets and actually like what they hear.

4. What can we expect from your new album?

From the new album, it’s just a single with two live tracks that are being released. Listeners can expect all the emotions one can possibly feel in a lifetime! My songwriting is like writing in a diary and I express my feelings through the music, so listeners are getting a little part of me in every song (sounds cheesy but there you go). So I hope that listeners will receive some dance anthems, some tear-jerkers, and some frustration busters!

I’m always a little nervous before I perform but I’m not half as bad as I use to be! I use to go on the stage crying with nerves and come off the stage crying! At least now I’m at a place where if it is a good gig I’ll allow myself to relax and if the gig was a mess I’ll be hard enough on myself to ensure that those mistakes never happen again.

On releasing music, I’m so nervous because the music industry is so tough and there are so many singer-songwriters out there that it’s very easy to get lost in the thick of it! Lucky, I have some very loyal followers and the Facebook page is reaching the 10k mark so hopefully, that will stand to me on the 23rd of February when “Man On A Mission” is released.

5. How do you manage to juggle a full-time course and releasing a single. That must be very time-consuming.

It really is a massive balancing act – managing music and college – and I’m still only getting the hang of it but I’m a workaholic and only too happy to be busy and working at things I love. I may have had to sacrifice some things that normal 21-year-olds get to do but I’m really happy with what I’m doing now and I’m lucky to have an amazing group of friends that keep me focused and grounded.

You can find out more information on Katie Gallagher and her music here.


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