Beat the Blizzard Blues: How to Stay Warm During the Cold Snap

The weather took us all by surprise last week as temperatures dramatically dropped, covering the east side of the country in a white blanket of snow. While snowball fights and sledding can be fun for some, here are some important tips to stay nice and toasty during this cold spell.

1. Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are the unspoken warriors of this world. Seriously underrated and does the job perfectly, they are your new best friend for keeping the pesky cold out.

2. Tea and Coffee

Use the leftover water in your kettle from making your hot water bottle to brew a hot drink. Drinking a nice hot cuppa tea or coffee can help warm you up in seconds. Stack up on the tea-bags folks, you’re gonna need them during the cold spell!

3. Lots of Layers

It is much easier and more environmentally friendly to adjust your body temperature rather than your room temperature, so by adding extra layers such as a decent comfy jumper or fluffy slippers can really make a difference.

4. Exercise

Staying active can help increase circulation. By moving around at least once an hour and avoiding long periods of sitting still, it’s a great and healthy way to stay warm. No need to go outside into the cold either, as even just a few indoor jumping jacks or sit-ups can increase body temperature.

5. Close the Doors

No better way to keep cold astray than making sure the doors are closed and heat stays in.

6. Heat the House

If the hot water bottle and the blankets fail, there’s always the radiators to warm you up. Just keep an eye on your oil levels and how much heating you’re using per day. If using space heaters, never leave them unattended for long.

7. Baking

The house can be heated up by using the oven. It’s also a great excuse to invite friends over and steal their body heat while also enjoying some freshly made, hot muffins.

8. Hats

While the old wife’s tale claimed that we lose half our body heat from our heads may not be strictly true, you will lose heat from any area that’s exposed to the cold air. Hats are a great and efficient way to keep warm from the brisk cold, even if you’re indoors.

9. Dress appropriately

If you do venture outside into the cold, whether it’s to get to work/college/school/visiting a loved one etc, make sure you wrap up well to avoid Jack Frost nipping at your nose. The basics such as scarf, hat, gloves and a large

jacket will go a long way, but also heavy socks and boots can make a difference when trying to maintain the heat.

10. Cuddle up!

Whether it’s cuddling a significant other or your dog, staying close to one another and sharing body heat is a cosy and ideal way to stay warm in times of frosty weather. Stick on the kettle and lash on some Netflix and you’ve got your perfect night in!